How Built a Complete Accounting Automation Tool with Rossum is a Czech technology start-up providing prime cloud solutions for automation of accounting processes to businesses and organisations. They strive to help their user´s businesses grow by taking their paper & email documents into the digital age.

How Built a Complete Accounting Automation Tool with Rossum

The Challenge wanted to provide complete automation of the accounting process. They created a workflow streamlining solution, but to make their product stand out, they needed to partner with a data capture provider. Since wflow needed to meet the high standards of the SMB market, they chose Rossum. Among the reasons for choosing Rossum as a partner were high accuracy, good relationships, but also because Rossum is a trend setter – not just on the Czech market.

The Solution

Thanks to partnering with Rossum, developed a stand-alone tool for accounting processes automation. They now offer Rossum as an integral part of their product. Here’s how it works. First, the client uploads a document to and validates extracted data using the Rossum app. From there,’s approval workflow takes over. Once documents are approved, they are sent straight to the client’s ERP system through one of’s pre-set integrations. also provides long-term archiving of documents according to EU legislation, so the client doesn’t have to worry about that. 

While provides integrations, approval, long-term archiving and complete accounting workflow, Rossum stands at the core of this process with its state-of-the-art AI data capture, removing the need for manual data entry and keeping the accounting process fully digitized

As a reseller, is in touch with their customers and Rossum is in contact with only, not their customers. Rossum assists with anything they need and they have direct access to Rossum AEs and CSMs for advice and help.

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“As a SaaS startup, we constantly strive for both our own innovation as well as integration of external cutting edge technologies. Thanks to them, our solution becomes the first choice for our customers and their work with documents. Our partnership with the internationally recognised startup Rossum represents a strategic cooperation to us. It provides our customers with immediate access to advanced data mining technology, allowing them to achieve significant time savings while processing accounting documents.”

Robert Soudný, CEO and co-founder of

The Benefit is a leading tool for accounting processes in the Czech market. Its customers are very satisfied with and Rossum’s data extraction technology. As has customers with significant brands in their portfolio (Grant Thornton, BDO, Productboard, Domotron, Shoptet, Scio, Arrows, Forpsi etc.), they need to stay ahead of the market’s trends and top features

One such client, accounting and tax advising company KODAP, knew they needed to shift into the digital space. The industry is moving forward quickly and a good accountant should deliver high-end services driven by innovations to its clients. KODAP worked hard to follow this trend and decided to use to bring their clients new opportunities to the way they approach their work. 

“Together with Rossum’s AI technology, makes it possible to gradually automate a large part of manual work, avoid manual rewriting of numbers and obtain perfect documentation of the circulation of documents between the accounting firm and its clients. represents to us a creative partner with solid knowledge of the accounting profession and prime technology.”

Vlastimil Sojka, Tax Advisor and Director, KODAP Group

The Vision sees a growing openness in accounting towards automation and to increasing the speed of their processes with artificial intelligence. assumes at least 200% y-o-y growth on the amount of extracted documents, as they plan to expand their services within new local segments and international markets in the upcoming years. 

With the addition of new features and continuous improvements to their product, is now suitable for large companies as well. Not only that, but the company is fine-tuning its integrations to ERP systems and is planning a new product rollout: 3.0. This improved version of their solution will bring even more benefit to their clients, including an improved integration with Rossum and configurable dashboard functionality.

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