A-Scan uses Rossum’s cloud-based AI solution for 91% of its invoice data extraction volumes


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A-Scan is a Central European BPO center offering a wide spectrum of document consulting services. The company’s solutions range from outsourced digital mailrooms and digitization workflows to archiving. Most of its clients use its services on a long-term basis, outsourcing hundreds of thousands of documents per year.

The Challenge

Multiple A-Scan customers requested a solution that could extract relevant data from scanned invoices then enter that data directly into their systems. A-Scan started looking into how it could automate and accelerate this process while eliminating the exhausting and inefficient chore of retyping. A-Scan initially tried a template-based system, but grew dissatisfied with the per-page costs and low accuracy of the tool.

Additionally, the rate at which invoices did not match a template manually configured in the legacy OCR tool, which easily ranged between 30% and 50% (client by client). Each such case meant zero automation for that document, drastically driving up cost and labor requirements. At that point, A-Scan was still extracting data from half of its vendors’ invoices manually and half with this template solution.

The Solution

Rossum is currently A-Scan’s primary solution for data capture from invoices and related financial documents. The company now uses Rossum’s cloud-based AI solution for 91% of its invoice data extraction volumes, all but a single legacy client.

The company’s IT department found Rossum’s API so developer friendly that they were able to integrate Rossum on their own despite not having full-time professional programmers on staff. The team now focuses on improving integrations, data workflows, and onboarding new clients rather than building and maintaining OCR templates.

The Benefit

Rossum’s solution provides greater accuracy and faster capture than the template solution. To process an equal number of documents, Rossum’s total cost of data extraction and time spent on employee onboarding is less than half that of the template-based alternative.

The company and its employees appreciate the fast onboarding, agile app cloud updates, and automated maintenance. Rossum replaced over 1,000 templates for A-Scan and the management estimates that we saved at least 30 days of management time a year.

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