AIxOutlook: Company of the Year Recognition for IDP

AIxOutlook continuously monitors the market for companies that offer excellence in product innovation, overall growth and a track record of successs. Company of the year recognition is awarded to companies with a strong commitment to innovation to offer the next generation of products and services. Find out why Rossum is Company of the Year for intelligent document processing (IDP).

AI outlook IDP
“Within the rapidly evolving intelligent document processing market, Rossum truly emerges as a leader and is aptly categorized as the Company of the Year 2022. By combining comprehensive data extraction technology with a low-code platform, the company delivers the best-in-class document processing solutions to significantly reduce large amounts of manual work. Its cutting-edge AI-powered cloud-native platform positions Rossum at the top of the IDP industry. With its commitment to innovation, Rossum is sure to stay ahead of the competition.”
Medha Chakraborty, Associate Editor, AixOutlook