New office for Rossum’s Czech team!

We are expanding our Czech team, and we recently moved to a new office in the center of Prague, only 2 doors away from our previous one. Keep reading to find out what it’s like! 

Rossum's new offices

Rossum is growing, not only sales-wise and technology-wise, but also in people and spaces. For the past couple of months, our Czech team has been growing so fast that a part of it was running in a co-working space in Forum Karlín, and therefore we decided to get a bigger office. We were fortunate enough to find an amazing one close to our previous office in Karlín. This neighbourhood is a favourite for start-ups and big companies. We are now close to giants like KPMG Czech Republic, as well as to our investor, Miton

We hired an architect, Pavla Müllerová, to help us with the plan and furnishing. She did a great job and created a modern and fresh layout for the design. The space is 308 m², twice as big as the previous one. There is a big open space where most of us work, two meeting rooms, a kitchen with a chill area, one room where we plan to build smaller rooms for taking calls with clients and two smaller rooms for future growth. We also have a secured room where we keep computers with 23 GPUs that are used for our software training, research, experiments, data preparation and much more.

Rossum's floor plan

After ordering everything we needed, the actual moving happened in a matter of three days. With the help of some of our own people, the architect created wired mesh walls filled with flowers that divide the main open space by department. 

We have also started a library to educate ourselves on marketing (e.g. The Economist: Marketing for Growth), programming (Clean Code) and self-development (The Power of Habit or Start with Why). After everything was set up, we took some time to make it nice and cozy, as you can see in the below photos.

Rossum logo on the wall

The open space perfectly fits the friendly and cooperative culture of Rossum, yet still provides some privacy and separation between teams. We believe that the environment can greatly enhance our performance. We asked some people from Rossum what they think of the new office and this was their response!

“Most of all, I like that we are all working in the same office again, we are not separated anymore and we have a lot of space. It is calm and having a lot of flowers and greens helps me a lot.”

Gabriela Masárová, HR assistant

“It is really nice for me to see how people from different departments are all working together on one goal.”

Tomáš Gogár, CEO and co-founder
Having fun with logo while moving - RUM SOS

Moving to new office has been a great step forward for our company. Everyone really seems to be enjoying it, and we can’t wait to see what awaits us here!

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