How IDP and CRM Solutions Work Together

How IDP and CRM Solutions Work Together

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a critical component of any successful organization. It provides a single source of data that allows employees to track and analyze customers’ buying habits, preferences, and behavior. However, CRM solutions can fall short in one critical area — document management. 

With intelligent document processing (IDP), organizations are able to manage document workflows efficiently in their CRM. IDPs are designed to automate repetitive tasks associated with document creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, and review.

By combining IDP and CRM solutions, businesses can save time and resources by reducing manual input, improving accuracy, and increasing productivity. See how IDP and CRM work together in harmony to create exciting growth opportunities for your business.

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

The rise of digital technology has led to the creation of massive amounts of customer data. As companies continue to digitize their business operations and achieve digital transformation, they face challenges related to managing and analyzing these volumes of information.

IDP is a cutting-edge document automation technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to manage document workflows. It analyzes documents and extracts relevant information from any document, regardless of format.

Why IDP Technology is on the Rise

AI-driven IDPs like Rossum use deep learning algorithms to train systems to recognize patterns in text and images. IDP platforms have been gaining popularity over traditional template-based OCR software due to their flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

In addition, many businesses rely heavily on paper-based systems, making them vulnerable to security breaches and human error. IDP not only automates many aspects of document management, but it also offers more control and security.

Advantages of IDP and CRM Working Together

There are numerous reasons why IDP and CRM are a match made in heaven. When the two solutions are combined, you’re able to speed up administrative processes and improve productivity.

Plus, you can capture more detailed information on each prospect or customer that you meet, allowing you to create personalized messages tailored to specific audiences. This makes it easier to generate leads and convert them into customers.

From start to finish of the sales order process, IDP solutions are designed to streamline:

  • Intake
  • Data extraction
  • Field assignment
  • Streamlined validation

By eliminating manual tasks, IDP increases your sale team’s efficiency and provides holistic, accurate information that helps them close more deals. Plus, accelerating your workflows allows your company to have more time and resources to focus on core business activities, improving the bottom line. 

Lastly, IDP works in real-time with CRM solutions. This enables collaboration within teams and across your entire organization. When accurate information is readily available and communication is seamless, employees are much more effective and productive. 

Integrate IDP and CRM for a Powerful Combination

Using IDP and CRM solutions helps organizations save time and money while increasing productivity. By automating routine CRM tasks, IDP helps employees focus on higher-value activities. 

Additionally, it reduces errors and increases accuracy, which translates to greater profit margins. Finally, they provide real-time insights into customer behavior, helping companies understand customers’ preferences and identify opportunities for improvement.

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