We want a world that builds rather than types

Our mission is to automate document communication.
Through both document capture and two-way, machine-readable
data exchange.


Our vision

Companies have switched their internal discussions from email to Slack. Now, they are switching their documents from email to Rossum.


Thousands of lifetimes per day are burned on manually dealing with documents in enterprise backoffices. It’s a terrible job and it makes the whole world go slower.

Join us on this mission!

Fun fact: Rossum's name comes from the play that invented the word robot,
"Rossum's Universal Robots" by Czech writer Karel Čapek.

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Backed by top investors

We are building a hyper-growth SaaS startup following the best Silicon Valley practices in Prague. And we are backed by VC & angel investors who know what it takes to support the world’s top startups early on.

In the fall of 2021, we raised a record-breaking $100 million Series A. We are using this capital to expand offices worldwide and hire top talent to build a groundbreaking product, achieve the next research breakthroughs in document artificial intelligence, and bring Rossum to the world’s best companies.

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Our users consistently rate us as the top solution in our space – both in terms of our product quality and the level of attention and support we give them.



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Mission and values

B2B communication is one of the most complicated processes in modern society, because businesses interact by exchanging myriads of document types in different forms by using many different channels.

Our goal is to create effortless collaboration in a world where every business is different and has its own way to do things. To allow businesses to spend more time working together and less time working on trying to fit together. To make communication between businesses frictionless. This is why we automate document communication.

Since we started the company back in 2017, three major ideals emerged out of the repeating patterns in how we work towards this goal and that now form Rossum’s DNA:

We are bullshit-free & fact-full

How this shows: It is good to have strong opinions! But! Unless based on data and/or facts, they must be treated as mere hypotheses. You should always be open to change your opinion, no matter how strong, in the face of new evidence and/or sound arguments.

We work smart & learn fast

How this shows: Learning is the most basic skill we look for in everyone. As learners, we still love to take shortcuts by looking at our role models; but where we are pioneers, we always look for lessons learned. Ultimately, we measure results, not hours - no matter whether achieved by prioritizing well or working hard.

Differences make us strong

How this shows: We have one of the most multinational startup go-to-market teams in Prague. You often couldn’t find more different individuals working together, and we are all better for it. We love to watch how different teams take on different identities too. We only want us all to pursue the same ideals. And we need to respect our differences.

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