Line items: How to extract structured and semi-structured tables

If you have trouble extracting line items with your current solution, check out this video!
Adaptable table data extraction even when layouts vary. Rossum can extract and understand complex objects like nested tables and grids.

Video transcript

Hi, and welcome to Rossum! Today we will discuss a very hot topic in the data extraction world – line items.

Before we dive into today’s topic, let’s get a broader picture. Here you can see how Rossum works. First, import your invoices, our AI will process them, after which you can validate and export the data into your preferred system. 

Line items are a part of the validation step. Let’s go ahead and see how you can extract line items quickly and easily with Rossum without needing to set up any templates. 

Open an invoice and click on ‘Line Items’. As you can see, Rossum already extracted the data correctly itself. If it weren’t so, you can click on the blue ‘Use Magic Grid’ button.

Magic Grid lets you add, delete and move rows and columns to customize the table to your needs. You can also make a new table from scratch. Map the column and choose the correct column label. Once the table fits your needs, click on the ‘Read data from table’ button. You can see how the data has been extracted correctly by Magic Grid and is ready for export.

That’s how quick and easy it is to extract data from tables with Rossum. Try how simple this is for yourself – set up a trial account by following the link in the description. In our next video, we will show you an entire Product Walkthrough of the Rossum App. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss out on any new videos! We wish you a template-free day!

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