Creating Value Together

We believe in the power of AI and humans working together in the cloud. We are also aware that we cannot achieve our vision alone and we need partners to deliver our solution. Together with our associates, we can seamlessly integrate our cloud-based cognitive data capture platform into the automated workflows and vertical applications of any business. When necessary, we can also customize the platform to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Integration Partners

Our selected integration partners help customers tailor Rossum to meet their interests and needs during implementation into their accounts payable process.

These associates include automation integrators, business process outsourcing companies, and managed services companies, ranging from local and regional companies to global enterprises.

Our partners possess deep expertise and experience in automating document-driven processes. They are highly skilled in business process automation tools like RPA, BPM, workflow management, and enterprise integration.

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Technology partners

Our tech partners provide their customers with apps that have Rossum technology built into them. These companies are typically suppliers of cloud-based and on-premises accounting, ERP, or document management systems and apps.

The incorporation of Rossum into their software instantly increases the value of our tech partners’ respective product portfolios, thereby increasing their opportunities to expand their customer bases.


BluePrism and Rossum - partnership and integration

Box and Rossum Integration


Join Rossum’s Global
Partner Network

Join our growing global network of experienced integration and technology partners. Rossum enables partners to become rapidly self-sufficient in deploying our technology within their own offerings. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic technical support team is here to help you.