Stay on top of your entire document processing operation with a single pane of glass.

Rossum’s built-in reporting and dashboards allow you to analyze data across your document processing operation from a single place, without any additional programming or configuration. Stay on top of overall document processing time SLAs, drill into specific users, document types, or even fields.

Usage Reporting

Understand document throughput at a glance

Often even basic reporting can be difficult with traditional OCR solutions. Rossum’s fully integrated, “out of the box” insights module brings key metrics without any IT assistance or additional integrations. Select one or many different queues, drill down into specific users, and see the number of imported, exported, and deleted documents for any timeframe.


Time spent per document

Stay on top of key SLAs

Tracking and optimizing document turnaround time is vital to optimizing your organization’s document processing efforts. Out of the box, Rossum’s usage dashboard calculates average turnaround time and allows you to drill into specific users, queues, or document types to learn more and improve your process.


Field-level analytics

Identify and investigate field-level accuracy

In certain circumstances individual fields can drag down productivity. Rossum breaks down average time spent and correction activity on a field-level basis. This allows you to see which fields operators spend the most time on and which fields are corrected the most frequently. This helps you further assess and optimize the document processing workflow.


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