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Product overview - Rossum


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We designed Rossum as the easiest to deploy AP automation on the market.

Best in breed artificial intelligence instead of (years of) layout configuration.

Intuitive user interface instead of endless user trainings.

Flexible developer environment instead of expensive business rules and integrations.

Rossum’s fully managed cloud instead of your IT resource needs.

Intelligent Invoice Inbox

No matter the file format or communication channel, we reliably and securely deliver the accounting data you need. All required filtering and pre-processing included.

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Receive headers

Scalable Invoice Extraction

We believe that you should not be asked to maintain your own invoice OCR ever again. Instead, our industry-leading artificial intelligence simply turns human-readable into machine-readable from day one.

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Understanding headers

Frictionless Communication & Posting

Send automated confirmations, correction requests or status updates that your suppliers ask for. Add GL coding and cost centers and any matching strategy through in-depth ERP integrations.

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Communicate and act

We love working with customers that prefer to build rather than type

"We had a never-ending backlog before we implemented Rossum. Now, we can always complete our work on time."

"When we first started using Rossum’s technology, we couldn’t believe how accurate it was."

“All our invoices are going through Rossum; I can’t imagine our paperless AP process functioning without it.”

From Invoices to All Documents

Rossum provides the infrastructure for automating all document communication. Beyond accounts payable, this includes procure-to-pay, logistics or operations.

Explore how Rossum can unify all your business communication.

Your Document Communication Cloud