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Automate Credit note with AI - Rossum leads the way

Don’t capture data from the Credit note manually, let AI do it for you. Manual Credit note data entry and traditional OCR solutions are slow, expensive and error-prone. Most importantly, they waste valuable employee talent.
Rossum’s unique computer vision technology reads the Credit note in a way that ensures fast data capture and greater accuracy with repeated use. Reduce costs. Eliminate tiresome data entry. Turn your team into a driver of efficiency and growth with Rossum.

Integrate Rossum with your preferred system


Striven is a business management software offering solutions in Accounting, CRM & Sales, Operations and Human Resources. Combining Rossum and Striven can take your accounting to another level. Rossum automates your data extraction, as well as imports documents from any channel and exports extracted data straight to Striven.


Oracle’s high number of solutions includes industries like financial services, automotive, consumer goods, life sciences, travel and transportation and many more. Connecting Rossum and Oracle creates a power duo of softwares streamlining your business processes and document communication.


MIE Trak Pro focuses on manufacturing processes, connecting the entire workflow from order to shipment. Rossum’s state-of-the-art AI engine stands at the core of this process and automates the whole data extraction and document communication. Don’t hesitate and enrich your MIE Trak Pro experience by Rossum!


Munis is an ERP system by Tyler Technologies. Munis is focused on the public sector and its needs, including finances, procurement, payroll, HR and revenue management. Get rid of manual data entry and integrate Munis with Rossum.


FinancialForce offers not only an ERP Cloud system to organize your accounting and billing, but also Professional Services Cloud and Customer Success Cloud. These manage customers, projects, teams and connect to Salesforce to ensure best practices. Improve this system by adding Rossum, an all-in-one document gateway to take all of all your data extraction and document communication.


Genius ERP is a software for manufacturing companies, taking care of all processes from engineering to cash. Integrate Rossum with Genius to get rid of manual data entry in this process and make your employees happier and more productive.


Deltek is a software that empowers your company by enabling project management, project intelligence and collaboration to the next level. Connect this information solution with Rossum to really ensure streamlining of your entire project workflow, uninterrupted by document data entry.


With IFS Cloud, you get three solutions in just one product: Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management and Service Management. To achieve the full potential of this solution, integrate Rossum and automate your data extraction processes.


Total ETO is a software developed for engineers. Total ETO streamlines Engineer to Order processes in the manufacturing industry. By integrating Rossum with Total ETO, you can achieve document automation and focus on more complex tasks than data entry.


Infor is a cloud ERP designed specifically for multiple industries, including Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare and Distribution. Infor’s cloudsuite serves the Supply Chain and well as Human Capital Management. To improve Infor’s ERP system, add Rossum to the mix and put the manual data entry days behind you. Automate data extraction and take accounting from cost-center to a profit-center.


Unit4’s software is a solution offering not just Enterprise Resource Planning, but also Financial Planning & Analysis and Human Capital Management. Unit4 is designed for Public Sector, Nonprofit, Professional Services and any business focused on helping people.

About Rossum

Rossum is an AI document gateway that solves four key steps in document-based processes simultaneously: receiving documents across multiple channels, automated understanding, two-way communication for exception resolution, and acting on the data using in-depth integrations.

In typical real-world scenarios, Rossum’s proprietary AI engine outranks narrower data extraction solutions in accuracy. Meanwhile, Rossum’s platform automates document communication processes end-to-end. Rossum’s goal for every use case is at minimum a 90% document processing speed increase.

Rossum is ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant, with enterprise-grade SLAs ranging up to a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

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