Rossum Replaces 1,000 Invoice Templates for BPO A-Scan

After extensive testing, document processing company A-Scan chose Rossum as its primary invoice data extraction solution. Rossum was able to reduce the cost of data extraction per document, simplify and accelerate onboarding, and update its solution quickly and consistently. Read on for the full story.

Rossum and A-scan case study


A-Scan specializes in document processing, scanning, and data extraction as a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider. Most of its clients use its services on a long-term basis, outsourcing hundreds of thousands of invoices per year.

In 2018, several A-Scan customers requested a solution that could extract relevant data from scanned invoices then enter that data directly into their systems. A-Scan started looking into how it could automate and accelerate this process while eliminating the exhausting and inefficient chore of retyping.

The Need

A-Scan initially tried a template-based system, but grew dissatisfied with the solution’s ambitious, per-page costs and low accuracy.

Additionally, the rate at which invoices did not match an established template (providing no automation with legacy tools) could reach 30% or even 50%, depending on the specific A-Scan client – driving cost and labor requirements up drastically.

At this point, A-Scan was still extracting data from half of its vendors’ invoices manually and half with this template solution.

They decided to give Rossum’s cloud-based AI solution a try instead.

BPO and Rossum

“Thanks to its intuitive interface, fast, error-free extraction, cloud hosting, and competitive price, Rossum is now our go-to invoice data processing solution,” says Pavel Trnavský, CTO at A-Scan, adding “Because Rossum works for every invoice layout, it saved us the hassle of creating well over a thousand templates.”

The Solution

As of 2019, A-Scan now uses Rossum for most of its invoice data extraction, using the previous template-based solution to process just 9% of its invoices with a single legacy client.

Rossum’s secure, cloud-based solution provides greater accuracy and, for most invoices, is faster than the template solution. To process an equal number of documents, Rossum’s total cost of data extraction and time spent on employee onboarding is less than half that of the template-based alternative.

Rossum advantages - case study

The Rossum Advantage

The Results

Fast Onboarding
It took at least half a day to learn how to use the template-based solution. Now, including basic orientation, it takes an employee just 10 minutes to learn how to use Rossum to extract data from invoices.

This saves A-Scan time equivalent to the 30 days of training sessions per year required for the template software. Even with the frequent turnover of seasonal employees, Rossum’s intuitive, user-friendly interface allows employees to use it almost immediately.

Reduced Costs
A-Scan found that with the previous solution between 30-50% of invoices did not match an established template. Creating and setting up new templates drove the processing cost of an invoice up to several times the cost of processing the same invoice with Rossum.

Additionally, Rossum’s transparent per-document pricing enables A-Scan to offer their clients document processing with clear pricing and conditions.

Maintenance & Updates
The licensed template solution required a substantial investment every time A-Scan needed to update it to the latest version. Rossum is hosted in the cloud, maintained and updated regularly, with no additional fees or costs to A-Scan.

Client Satisfaction
Rossum is currently A-Scan’s primary solution for data capture from invoices and other documents. The company and its employees appreciate the fast onboarding, agile app updates, and automated maintenance.

Benefits of Rossum for A-Scan

“The monthly updates add new features seamlessly, without interruption of service… when we requested new capabilities, Rossum often implements our feedback within a week.”

Pavel Trnavský

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