Rossum Wants the Best Programmers in Central Europe

And if you're here, then you already care about solving interesting problems.

You found one of our Python problems - here’s the solution

Question: How could you sort a Python dictionary by value?

dict(sorted(x.items(), key=lambda item: item[1]))

We’ve got plenty more problems to solve

What we do

We’re eliminating useless paperwork from business. The first problem we picked is data entry.

Why we care

We know that millions of people could be doing something more enjoyable than processing documents.

Where we’re going

The way companies across the world communicate when working together is clearly ripe for a big transformation - that’s our long game.

Be a part of this technical transformation!

Python Backend Developer (Django)

Help us develop the core features of our state-of-the-art Machine Learning platform by joining our backend team. Python Backend Developer

Python Developer (Flask)

Help us develop the extensions, which make our product customizable for all of our clients. Python Developer