Data extraction from diverse layouts with AI OCR API platform

Parse business documents to data with our rich cloud-native OCR API platform. Capture data fast, regardless of layout and style, with deep learning.


Unmatched accuracy. Easy integration.
Intuitive UI.

increase efficiency

Neural networks

Deep learning neural network for accurate data extraction and increased automation, even when document layout changes.

layout independent data extraction


Clean API with detailed documentation, ready-made Python SDK, and multiple examples.

the technology

More than just a parser

Rossum’s API includes an embeddable human data validation interface and built-in email communication support.

Capture any document, fast

Implement Rossum within 15 minutes to automate data extraction from invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, receipts, etc., including complex table data.


Accurate data capture even when document layout changes

AI-powered intelligent document processing solution that adapts as it learns from document data. With an intuitive user interface, our OCR API platform performs efficient and accurate document processing. Reducing costly errors and the time to capture.

Multiple types of layouts? No problem. Our optical character recognition – OCR – software reads the document like a human, adapting to changes in style and formatting.

Intelligent OCR - AI Engine

Attribute-level confidence

Downstream process simplified

Purge time-consuming and inefficient processes. Our AI-powered document processing automation solution can be fully integrated with your extraction engine. Transforming unstructured data into a standardized format that’s easy to understand. 

Our OCR API platform ensures all documents are processed according to predetermined policies. Reducing the risk of fraud and non-compliance.

Intelligent OCR - Attribution

Continuous learning

Every user keystroke and mouse click trains our extraction engine

Our data extraction engine applies human-like intelligence and learns over time, with continuous feedback from every human mouse movement, hover, and keystroke.

Nothing your team does goes to waste. And, as the engine’s knowledge grows, the need for human intervention declines. Freeing it up for more higher value tasks.

Intelligent OCR - continuous learning

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How does our OCR API platform work?

Reads like a human. No rules. No templates.

layout independent data extraction

Unfamiliar layouts

Rossum’s OCR API platform can extract any data, even from paper documents in an unfamiliar format that it’s never seen before.

language independent data extraction

Multiple languages

Rossum’s AI Engine recognizes languages that use a Latin script, with more languages being added over time.

self-learning data extraction platform


Our AI continues to learn, with corrections made in reviewed documents remembered and used for future documents.

highly accurate data extraction platform

Best-in-class accuracy

Pre-trained AI models and continuous training protocols ensure Rossum is the most accurate OCR API platform on the market.

fast retraining for data extraction AI

Fast retraining

Rossum instantly recognizes previously seen layouts without waiting for the AI to "generalize" what it’s learned.


Complex line-item extraction

Accurate and fast data extraction, even from the most complex table data.

Security features and procedures

  • Support ISO, SOC 2 Type 1, and HIPAA compliance
  • Perform granular role and user management
  • Maintain detailed audit trails and logs for each document

Integrations with your entire technology portfolio

  • ERP providers
  • RPA systems
  • Document Management
  • eMail services
  • Accounts Payable, and more

Awards & recognition

Hundreds of global businesses across all industries use Rossum to improve operating efficiencies and drive revenue.

Rossum is recognized as a leader in the Intelligent Document Processing market

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