Eliminate manual tasks like calculations, sorting, or email followups on your processed documents.

Even after the document is processed and validated there’s often a lot of work to be accomplished. Calculations are performed, custom business logic needs to be applied, and sometimes manual back and forth with the sender is needed. Rather than requiring extensive integrations or various products, Rossum brings all of this functionality onto a single end-to-end platform.

Low-code environment

Build automations with an extensible low-code interface

While document handling operations like calculations, sorting, or communications are almost always necessary, they often require external systems or manual work to make automation a reality. Rossum brings this functionality onto the platform natively so you can build a wide range of functionality in a turnkey, serverless environment. This results in a faster, more efficient way to automate document handling without extensive coding or manual effort.



Tap into pre-built extensions and automation functions

Rossum’s extension store offers a library of pre-built extensions. These can be installed with a single click and fine-tuned in their user interface to fit your specific needs and use case. Applications range from logical and mathematical checks in AP, EDI support, to rapid integrations with ERPs.



Avoid manual back and forth with senders

Today, an extensive amount of time is spent simply communicating with partners of document-related topics. Rossum automates this process with an extensive set of automations designed to save you time and energy on manual coordination. The result is more time spent on your business, and less time pushing paperwork.


Document Status

Keep everyone on the same page about each and every document

Keeping in touch with business partners about where the document stands is a huge source of work for your team. Without any additional work, Rossum tracks the journey of each individual document until it reaches its destination, whether that destination is an ERP, spend management platforms, DMS, or other source. The result is your partners no longer have to put up with several days of silence when their documents, and you don’t have to respond to these inquiries manually, saving you significant time and effort.


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