Data Capture

Adapt to document layout changes with confidence and keep your process moving along with the industry's most advanced, AI-powered data capture solution.

Traditional OCR solutions apply pre-built business rules to data capture. If things never change these systems do ok, but if layouts or data change significantly these systems break. Instead of applying rules, Rossum’s data extraction engine reads and understands documents much like a human. This not only saves costs building or modifying rulesets, but also allows you to automate documents you previously thought weren’t possible.

Cognitive AI Engine

Adapt to layout changes with flexible data capture technology

Traditional OCR and document processing solutions require lots of work if layouts change. Rossum solves this challenge with an extraction engine that learns documents based on content, not just layouts. Rossum’s engine learns documents much like a human, taking into account context, formatting, labels, and context. So when changes do come in, Rossum can seamlessly adapt and keep everything humming along.


Attribute-level confidence

Streamline downstream processes using attribute-level accuracy and confidence.

Downstream work depends not only on the accuracy of your data capture, but also on the efficiency of information passed back to the process. Rossum’s validation process is fully integrated with your extraction engine, passing attribute-level accuracy and confidence seamlessly into your downstream process. As a result, your extraction engine and validation work in concert, ensuring efficiency and purpose with every human second.


Continuous learning

Take advantage of every human hover, keystroke, and mouseclick.

Anytime a human is involved in data validation that time is precious and expensive. Rossum takes full advantage of every click with continuous feedback sent right back to the core extraction engine. As a result, no click or mouse movement is wasted and the need for human involvement declines over time.


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