Space where users import documents that should be processed. Each queue has an Extraction schema linked to it.

Extraction schema

Defines the information that should be captured for each document.


A folder where users can group together different queues.

Settings screen

Space for administering Rossum account. Users and queues can be created and updated from this screen.

Validation screen

Screen for reviewing and confirming information extracted from a specific document.

Document editing screen

Screen for manipulating document pages which includes turning pages, deleting pages or splitting a document into multiple new documents.

Data field

A single piece of information that should be captured from a document.

AI Engine

Rossum’s unique neural network engine that can identify and extract information based on the page layout.

Generic AI Engine

AI Engine trained on Rossum’s general dataset of semi-structured documents. Rossum currently supports only one Generic AI Engine that has been trained for recognizing invoices.

Magic grid

Tool for visually capturing table-like data.

Automate data extraction from your documents with Artificial Intelligence.
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