Instant learning

The default learning functionality that makes Rossum learn some basic knowledge based on user’s annotations and helps to fine tune the results extracted by the Rossum AI engine.


The Rossum Extension Environment allows extending the validation process with extra activities that the Rossum platform does not do by default. More information can be found here: https://developers.r...

Eye icon

The “eye icon” suggests to manually review the field, due to the lower confidence of the automated extraction. It can be influenced by the automation setup.


In other words status in which are your documents. Available tabs within Rossum UI are to review, postponed, exported, deleted. 

Usage reporting dashboard

Usage reporting enables you to explore information about your company’s Rossum usage. More information can be found here: .

Schema editor

The schema editor is a part of Rossum where you can adjust your extraction schema to capture the necessary data fields.

Bounding box

An element that appears in the validation screen, a bounding box is a blue rectangle that defines the position of captured data in a document.

Line item

A line item is any product or service listed in an invoice or any other type of document. Line item data includes quantity, price, and other relevant attributes.

Custom data field

A data field whose values are not automatically captured by the Rossum AI engine out of the box.

Annotation process

The process of collecting documents with correctly highlighted data that is required for training a dedicated AI engine.

Magic Grid

Tool that visually captures tabular data.

Generic AI engine

The generic AI engine is pre-trained to recognize Rossum’s general dataset of semi-structured documents. Rossum currently supports only one type of generic AI engine which has been trained to recogn...

Dedicated AI engine

AI engine trained to recognize customer-provided data for the customer’s specific data capture requirements.

AI engine

Rossum’s unique neural network engine that can identify and extract document data based on a document’s layout.

Pretrained data field

A data field whose values can be automatically captured by Rossum’s AI engine out of the box.

Data field

A single piece of information that should be captured from a document.

Document editing screen

The document editing screen enables you to easily manipulate the documents you’re processing. Capabilities include turning pages, deleting pages, and splitting single documents into multiple new...

Validation screen

Screen for reviewing and confirming data extracted from a specific document.

Settings screen

Space for Rossum account administration. Users and queues can be created and updated in this space.


A folder where users can group different queues together.

Extraction schema

Defines the data that should be captured from each document.


A queue is a space into which users import documents they want to process. Each queue has an extraction schema linked to it.

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