Product News: October 2020

General Capabilities

Duplicate documents detection

Rossum can now detect duplicate documents. If duplicate documents are found, a yellow icon is shown next to the document on the dashboard.

Read more about duplicate documents detection and how to get the duplicates over the API

AI Engine captures new fields

Rossum’s AI Engine can now capture eight new out of the box fields such as “Sender email”, “Payment method” or “Delivery note ID”.

Read more about the new fields marked with the “[Beta]” tag.


New metadata fields available on data export

When exporting the reviewed data, you can choose to export new metadata fields which might be helpful in your end system:

  • When the document was assigned to a user
  • When the document was modified for the last time
  • Whether document was automated

Read more about the export endpoint in our API documentation.

Help us out!

Would you like to be able to process Microsoft Office (.xlsx and .docx) documents in Rossum? We’re working on it.

Help us make it a reality faster by helping to build a representative dataset for us to experiment with! How? Simply create a new trial account and upload some .xlsx and .docx documents. You will end up with a “Failed import status” but these uploads will help us with our testing and implementation.

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