Product News: November 2020

General Capabilities

More customizable dashboard

We have made the document dashboard more customizable than ever. With the most recent updates you can:

Boosting efficiency on big tables

In the last month, we made capturing tables much easier. Now you can:

  • Extract the description or item code of line items that are squeezed all the way to the top or left edge of the pages
  • Reject predicted rows and columns on a grid with a single click
  • Remove unnecessary tables from a document 
  • Apply columns from one grid to others

Check out all the tips and tricks here


Advancing custom functions

Custom functions are better than ever – as well as enriching capabilities, we are decreasing the time required for development:

Send new metadata to your hook

We have added the ability to send the extraction schema of a given queue to your webhook or custom function. This means that you can process the data more efficiently, knowing its datatype and other information. Find out more about objects that can be sideloaded to hooks

A call for early adopters!

Are you having difficulties capturing nested SKU or PO Numbers with Magic grid? We are trying to make the processing of complex tables much easier and we are looking for early adopters who would like to test it out.

Spoiler alert: It’s already working amazingly well on line items where the SKU or PO Number is nested in the description of every line item. 
Need to match the vendor name captured on a document to the master data? Upload the master data to Rossum daily or weekly and we will do the matching for you! Become an early adopter of this feature.

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