Product News: May 2021

There are two important steps before successfully processing a document:

  1. Resolving potential issues with senders
  2. Matching captured data to internal records

In May, Rossum took some giant steps forward. Check out the details below.

Intelligent Email Inbox

Onboard your vendors smoothly with a custom email inbox address. After receiving the documents from email, you’ll be able to open the whole email message. You can even set up an extension for filtering irrelevant documents tailored to your company’s requirements.

Read more about Rossum’s Intelligent Email Inbox.

Rejection Workflow

Minimize turnaround time by resolving issues found on documents directly with the sender of the document without wasting employee time. You can now automatically send a rejection email to the vendor and wait for a corrected version of the document.

Read about the Rossum’s Rejection workflow.

Extendable Master Data Matching

Rossum’s Data matching feature can now accept master data representing vendors, customers and other entities. You can upload master data with custom columns and set up custom matching rules. Moreover, you can set up similarity thresholds for selecting the matched entities.

Read about Data matching app updates and possible data types to be uploaded.

Purchase Ordering Matching

The versatility of Rossum’s platform and advancements in our data matching feature have cleared the way for purchase order matching functionality. You can now use Rossum’s master data database in combination with a custom PO matching function to further boost automation of invoices processing.

Dive in with a guide for the required setup.

Python Runtime for Custom Functions

Python is the go-to programming language for integrations. Recognizing that, Python has become one of our supported runtimes for custom functions.
Read more about Custom Functions.

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