Product News: May 2020

This month we finalized an integration between Rossum and Zapier to improve your workflows. We also made updates to extracted field type names and field value initialization based on imports done by email.


Connect Rossum to your Zaps

We have finally prepared an integration for Zapier. Here are a couple of use cases that could help improve your workflows:

  • Pass a document from an existing Zap to Rossum. (e.g. Upload a new document to Rossum as soon as it is added to a Google Drive folder)
  • Pass reviewed data from Rossum to accounting software like Xero or Quickbooks

That’s just a small taste of all the time- and cost-saving use cases you can set up quickly and easily!

Read more about Rossum’s Zapier integrations.

Rossum Zapier integration

General Capabilities

Rossum now captures email metadata

You can import documents to Rossum in several ways. One of the most popular methods enables vendors to send documents directly to your exclusive Rossum email inbox. If you want to know the email addresses that vendors are delivering their documents from, we have enabled field value initialization in the validation screen with email subject, sender address, recipient address, and message ID.

Learn how to initialize field values with email data.

Renaming “invoice_type” document attribute

We would like to announce that we are renaming the “invoice_type” document attribute to “document_type”. The “invoice_type” name will still be supported for backwards compatibility; for the future, we recommend switching to “document_type” in your extraction schemas.

Read about out-of-the-box extracted fields.

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