Product News: March 2022

? Introducing an enhanced navigation experience!

We now have cleaner, simpler, more efficient navigation that makes working in Rossum easier than ever before!

These changes simplify overall navigation, streamline user journeys, and enhance feature discoverability. Unnecessary steps were removed, so fewer clicks are now needed to move around the app. 

The improvement also means a smoother, more intuitive onboarding experience for new users.

The following changes went live on March 2nd, 2022:

  • App-level and queue-level settings were separated

The settings section was changed into a new navigation bar, like the one below, that’s located at the top of your app. Here’s a brief overview of the tabs:

  • Documents

You can now enjoy simple, direct access to your queue settings:

  • Automation

Easily view and configure your preferred automation type:

  • Extensions

The Extensions Environment is now just a click away! Also, easily access the Rossum Store, our central hub for ready-made extensions directly from here.

All these updates, reiterated below, combined serve to create a better user experience, which is at the core of Rossum’s DNA.

We don’t want to be the only ones tooting our horn. Here’s what our clients had to say – even before the changes kicked in:

“The entire process, from purchase to deployment in our infrastructure, took us less than 3 days.”

Molson Coors team required zero templates to get the solution up and running – with reduced time to value. Read the full story here.

“We’ve done a good job of getting a very high percentage of our documents through the solution quickly. It remembers everything, that’s fantastic!”

Morton Salt’s teams loved Rossum’s easy, intuitive, and fast UI. Read the full story here.
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