Product News: March 2021

Ordering Extensions

Rossum’s Extension environment is growing. Over the next few months you should be able to find extensions that will solve many workflow customization problems.

In order to use such extensions effectively, you will want to define the exact order in which the extensions should run. And that is exactly what we’ve added into the product.

Read more about ordering of the extensions.

Speeding up line items

We know that working with line items is sometimes a bit less smooth than it should be. This month, we made a big step towards better user experience. Editing of and navigation between values in tables became twice faster. Try it out and let us know your feedback!

Generic AI improvements

This month, our Generic AI was extended by:

  1. The extraction accuracy of currency signs such as $, £ and €. 
  2. Support for Polish letters and accents was added.
  3. New document-level values – Purchase order document type, new type of languages or payment method type.

Please keep in mind that the prediction accuracy of the new values is still in beta stage and we will be further improving it.

You can check your extraction schema and see what enum options values you’re missing from the out of the box predicted document-level values.

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