Product News: June 2021

Get early access to Rossum’s EDI solution by becoming a Design Partner

Receiving EDI invoices from your vendors? With our Intelligent Inbox you will soon be able to receive, validate and process EDI documents within Rossum.

Interested in getting early access to the EDI extension? We are currently looking for design partners to help us shape our EDI solutions. Simply email us by clicking the link below.

Get early access to the EDI extension

Rejection Email Template Editor

When using the Rossum’s rejection workflow, a reply is sent to the sender of the original email with a rejection note. As of today, we are giving you the option to modify the rejection email template directly in Rossum’s UI and giving you more control over the content with the ability to personalize the email according to your needs. 

Read more about the rejection workflow and how to edit the email template.

New UI for creating Extensions

We are constantly working on making actions in Rossum as smooth as possible. As our latest step in this process, we have updated the workflow for creating and editing Custom Functions and Webhooks (on the Extensions tab) with a fresh new UI!

Extract Values from Email Content with Custom Functions

Often, your suppliers might send you emails with invoices and mention important data in the email subject or body. Values could be the Invoice ID, Purchase Order Number or Category of the invoice. With Rossum’s Extension environment you can implement your own extension for receiving email metadata, extracting the values and using them for populating fields on the validation screen.

See a sample extension that extracts values from email content.

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