Product News: June 2020

Do you want to go faster? Of course you do! This month’s updates will help speed up your Rossum experience. Now you can

  • Add dropdown fields in seconds
  • Updating column values in batches
  • Deleting rows with caution

General Capabilities

Create dropdown fields from spreadsheets

Adding dropdown fields containing your vendors, currencies, or document types is a breeze now. You can import hundreds of items from spreadsheets into your dropdown field list in a matter of seconds.

Read more about adding new dropdown fields

Dropdown fields

Fast line item value corrections

We’ve made it easy for you to remove or replace several identical values in one column. For example, you can:

  • Delete one word from multiple column cells; e.g. deleting “Item: ” from “Item: Chair”, “Item: Table”, etc.
  • Replace incorrectly extracted commas with dots (“,” -> “.”)
  • Replace dashes (“-”) from SKUs

In these and similar cases, our new Search and Replace feature is your new best friend.

Check out this new feature in your trial account

Line items corrections

User Experience

Improved table row deletion

Deleting a single row should be easy. With this in mind, we’ve upgraded the row deletion function so you no longer have to scroll all the way to the end of the row to find the delete button. All you have to do now is select the rows you want to delete then click the trash icon on the bottom of the screen. This feature also provides assurance that you’re removing the correct rows.

Try out the new table row deletion function in your trial account

Table row deletion

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