Product News: July 2020

We bent over backwards this month to increase Rossum’s flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. Now you can:

  • Move documents to different queues
  • Process long documents
  • Create new Webhooks directly in the UI

General Capabilities

Move documents to different queues

The ability to move a document to a different queue is crucial if e.g. you accidentally send a receipt to a queue with invoices. To use this feature, simply click on the folder icon in the document’s row and select the queue you want to move the file to.

Move documents to different queues

Capture data from long documents

We’re always listening to you, so we know about the experiences you may have had while trying to upload documents with 32+ pages. Say goodbye to the “failed import” state of such upload attempts – Rossum can now import every page of your epic docs! 


Manage Webhooks in the UI

Webhooks can send information about specific workflow events to a provided URL. This makes them a great tool when integrating Rossum into your workflow. Now you can create new Webhooks in the UI. Your days of struggling with the API are officially over! 

Learn more about managing Webhooks in the Rossum UI.

Bulk update of annotation data

Until now, you had to issue multiple requests when updating multiple data points of an annotation. To make life a bit easier for you, we have created a new endpoint where you can update multiple data points of a single annotation with a single request. 

Learn more about the new endpoint.

Find out more about last month’s product news here.

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