Product News: January 2021

General Capabilities

More intuitive data capture

The efficiency and speed of data capture is essential to any data capture system. Therefore, we are finding ways to make the data capture more intuitive. This month, we have improved the discoverability and UX of:

Every transition in the validation screen should now be seamless and smooth.

Edit grid
Adding PO number values


Filtering documents received via Email

When integrating Rossum, there are a billion things you would like to customize. One of them is the customization of files that are processed from incoming emails. As a first step, we have created a hook action where you can receive the email metadata and you can filter documents based on:

  • Mime types
  • Filename pattern
  • Page height/width of the document

Explore the email event more in our technical guide and create your own extension with Custom Function or Webhook.

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