Product News: January 2020

At Rossum, we are kicking 2020 off with integration and UX improvements that you’re really going to appreciate. As of this month, you’ll notice more streamlined Rossum integration features and a smoother Magic Grid.

User Experience

Magic Grid UX improvements

We’ve improved the position and size of the buttons you use to add and remove columns and rows in Magic Grid. You’ll now find that updating Magic Grid is a much smoother experience.

Product News - Magic Grid

Faster navigation in the schema editor

We’ve made the content of extraction schemas easier to understand and navigate. Now, you can simply click on a Data field label and the platform will automatically take you to the relevant section in the editor. This feature complements the CTRL+F search functionality.


A better schema updating process

Now, you can:

  • Update existing schemas so you can set up queues more quickly.
  • Create new schemas that apply solely to newly imported documents. Schemas for previously imported documents remain the same.

Until now, we advised you to create a new schema every time you updated schema fields. You don’t have to do this anymore. As of February 1st, only newly imported documents will use their newly created schemas. Previously imported documents will keep the schemas you created for them.

Read about improvements to the schema updating process, as well as corresponding use cases.

Connector: Adding/Removing/Updating Line Items

If you use a connector, you can now update, add, or remove any line item within the “validate” hook. 

Learn more about this connector improvement (scroll down to “Key ‘operations’”)

More flexible annotation export

Exporting annotations outputs all the fields defined in a schema by default. You can define a set of fields that you’d like to export according to a “columns” parameter. A common use case is to output all the fields in the schema and prepend metadata fields such as filename, status of the annotation or its url. To define the metadata fields, you can now use the “prepend_columns” and “append columns” parameters.

Learn more about exporting annotations.

Read about last month’s product news here.

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