Product News: February 2021

General Capabilities

Transparent automation of specific fields

You can now see grey and green ticks in the validation screen when capturing data. What do those ticks mean?

  • Grey tick shows that a Rossum’s AI is confident about correctness of the captured value and that the fields could be automated
  • Green tick shows that a user validated the field manually

Read more about the ticks here.

Transparent automation of documents

Additionally, you can now see that a document was automated thanks to the green automated icon. Moreover, you can check the trend of automated documents by looking at the automation graph in the usage reporting dashboard.

Data Matching Extension

Do you need to match the captured vendor name on a document to a vendor in your master data? Rossum was able to help you with this for some time. However, now our Data Matching app has a new UI and is accessible directly from the Rossum UI.

Read more about how to work with the Data Matching Extension and try it in our trial.


Debugging custom function

You must have heard about Custom functions. We know they are very important to you when it comes to customizing Rossum’s behavior. In order to make you more efficient in development, we’ve enabled to log debugging information to a console log.

Moreover, you can try a new pre-built function with AP checks shown to the user in the validation screen if you create a new trial account.

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