Product News: December 2019

This month we’ve added and augmented features that make Rossum more efficient and enjoyable to use. Read on to discover the handy new functions and support channels we’ve prepared for you!

General capabilities

Schema editor

Preparing an Extraction Schema is one of the most important tasks you need to do when configuring Rossum. You have a lot to define, including the names and formats of Data Fields you want to extract, necessary value constraints, and, if you’re using them, enum options. Most importantly, you can bind the data that Rossum’s AI engine extracts to specific data fields.

Until now, you had to write down or memorize a ton of numbers, commands, and URLs. To free you of the painful process of downloading a schema through the API/elisctl, editing it, and manually uploading it to the correct Queue, we integrated a schema editor directly into the app.

Product News - Schema Editor

As you edit the schema, the editor generates a preview in the sidebar in real time. The editor also displays syntax and semantic errors and constraints as you write so you can make corrections immediately. 

Learn more about the new schema editor 

Drag & copy

We introduced a drag and copy functionality that enables you to copy one cell’s content to other cells in the same column. This feature is useful for capturing and replicating information that Magic Grid cannot, e.g. when copying one order ID to multiple related line items.

Product News - Drag & copy


Latest field label as column name in CSV export

Previously, if you changed the name of a field a few times, you ended up with multiple labels for a field with the same ID. As a result, CSV exports contained all historical field names divided by separators. Now, the CSV export contains only the latest field name of the field.

User Experience

Developer Hub & Help Center

We created a Developer Hub and Help Center to help you with integration and development. To access these portals, click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the application.

Product news - Developer Hub & Help Center

Find out more about last month’s product news here.

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