Product News: December 2020

General Capabilities

Suggesting Splits for Batch Files

Many Rossum users would like to see documents with multiple invoices automatically split after import. We are trying to move in that direction, with the first milestone on the way being detection of possible batch files and suggesting how to split them.

Read more about how to enable splitting suggestions for batch files. 

Annotator Limited Role

If you are letting more people work in Rossum from home or if you are using external contractors, you might want to consider using our new role “Annotator Limited”. This user role cannot upload documents, download exported data or the original documents. Boost your security measures right away by changing the role of your users in the user settings.

Note: Such security restrictions are currently done only in the user interface but in future you can expect the limitations will be extended to API access.

Populate Field Values from Email

When your vendors send invoices directly to Rossum’s inbox, you can now take the email body and use it as a value for e.g. “Email” field.

Email content may contain valuable data you don’t want to miss!

Learn how to populate a datapoint’s value from the email attributes.

Note: In future you can expect a multiline field where the email body can be better shown.

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