Product News: August 2020

General Capabilities

Serverless Functions

Extend your business logic when capturing document data easily with Rossum Serverless Functions. Customizing messages shown to the user when the application captures data or fills in missing values is now trivial, without requiring any infrastructure maintenance.

Learn more about Serverless Functions. 

Product Release Webinar: Serverless Functions

For even more on Rossum’s all-new Serverless Functions, join us for our upcoming webinar on the topic, 21st September, 2020 at 7pm CEST.

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Integration setup tutorial

Find the integration approach that best suits your specific needs. Navigate to the “Settings” screen in the Rossum application and select your requirements. We will then guide you as you integrate Rossum into your workflow.

Integration setup

Pushing Webhooks to a new level

At Rossum, we are continuously searching for ways to simplify integration with other systems. We are extending Webhooks to cover all functionality of connectors with additional improvements:

Learn more about how you can integrate Rossum via Webhooks instead of soon-to-be deprecated connectors.

Find out more about last month’s product news here.

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