Product News: April 2021

Email Inbox Management

Tell your vendors to send invoices and other documents directly to Rossum’s email inbox. Thanks to the emails settings in the app you are able to quickly customize the prefix of the email used for ingesting documents in Rossum. Moreover, you can set up email notifications for better tracking the activities happening on documents.

Read more information about email inbox setup.

When using the Rossum’s email inbox you can customize what documents are being processed in Rossum by implementing filtering logic in a custom function or webhook listening on “email received” events.

Enable/Disable Automation of Duplicates

There are times when you would like to automate processing of any document. No matter whether it was a duplicate of an existing document or not. You can now enable/disable automation of duplicated documents by setting such an option on a queue over the API.

Tool For Accessing Rossum’s API

If you are deciding about how to work with Rossum’s API and you don’t want to implement what must have been already done, read about our Python API wrapper. This tool can help you with creating queues, users, schemas and other objects over the API. Using the API directly instead of using the UI is helpful when implementing reusable scripts for replacing manual setup.

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