Product News: April 2020

This month we focused on adding features to our Magic Grid tool to simplify and accelerate line item extraction. Other updates include date range filtering for documents, a new split and rotate document icon, and a minor change to an annotation property.

General capabilities

More magic in Magic Grid

Extracting data from tables tends to be quite time-consuming. At Rossum, we’re trying to minimize the effort required to complete this process. We’ve updated Magic Grid so you can now copy a grid and apply it to another page, apply a grid to subsequent pages, or apply selected column labels from one grid to all the other grids in the document.

Magic Grid feature

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Date range filtering for documents

Our users often need to filter out documents that arrived on a specific date or that were exported in a given time range. For such cases, we’ve designed a date range filtering widget; you can find it next to the search button.

Date range filtering

User Experience

New edit mode icon

If you haven’t noticed already, you can split documents into multiple pages and rotate pages within the Rossum app. We’ve simplified the icon to make its function clearer.

Edit mode icon

Watch how easy it is to split and rotate documents


On May 1st, 2020, a minor change to the “messages” property of an annotation object will go into effect. If you’ve been using this property, the messages format will be changed from:”messages”: [ { “error”: “Invalid invoice number format” } ] to “messages”: [ { “content”: “Invalid invoice number format”, “id”: “197467”, “type”: “error” } ].

Find out more info in the documentation.

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