New Documents Dashboard

This quick guide will take you through the features of the New Documents dashboard, helping you navigate efficiently and make the most of its functionalities.

You’ll learn how to:

After logging into your Rossum account, you’ll find the “All Documents” feature and the list of available Queues conveniently located on the left panel of the main screen. This setup allows easy access to either option, depending on your preference.

Using All Documents Level Dashboard

Click on “All Documents” to access the All Documents level.

UI toggle to switch between the New document list and the old dashboard will be removed on 31/05/2024

Customise your All Documents columns

Note: Only admins can access the column settings, and any changes made are applied to all users within the organisation.

Customise your dashboard by resizing columns, toggling visibility, rearranging order, and adding more columns based on your preferences. Click on the “column settings” icon in the top right corner to access these options.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Hide or Show: Toggle column visibility by clicking the “eye” icon.
  • Rearrange: Change the order by dragging columns using the “dots” next to their names.
  • Add More: Include extra columns from schema fields by clicking the “add” button.


Use the filtering feature to refine your document search based on annotation metadata or extracted schema fields. To set your filtering conditions, click the “Add filter” button. This will open options for specifying your criteria and refining your search. Click “Clear filter” to remove it when needed.

Tip: It allows for single-column or multi-column filtering.

Search function

Quickly find documents by clicking on the “search” icon and entering keywords into the search bar. The search key remains active as you navigate between the All Documents level and Queue level access.

Upload your documents

Upload documents directly from the All Documents level by clicking the “Upload Files” button. Choose the Queue to which you want to upload the documents and select the files for upload.

Explore Queue level dashboard

At the Queue level dashboard, access the ‘Documents’ view or ‘Emails’ view.

In the Documents view

Navigate through tabs like “All” to view all documents in a Queue or select individual status tabs to retrieve documents in specific statuses.

Similar to the All Documents level, you can further customise your experience at the Queue level.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Customise Columns: Tailor your view by adjusting columns to suit your preferences. Just like at the All Documents level, you can choose which columns to display or hide.
  • Filtering: Refine your document search using filtering options available at the Queue level. Specify your criteria to streamline your results effectively.
  • Search Function: Utilise the search feature to quickly locate specific documents within your selected Queue. The search function remains active as you move across Queues or switch to All document level.

Queue settings can be accessed directly by clicking the “settings” icon next to the search bar.

In the Emails view

Similar to the All Documents and Queue levels, filter and search through email communications within the Queue.

Managing Documents

You can work with the documents in either dashboard by clicking on the document name to open them.

For other actions such as opening, downloading, postponing, moving, re-extracting, or deleting the documents, you can either select the checkbox or click on the three dots of each document row to access these options.

Other Available Features

Collapse the left panel: Click on the “hamburger” icon to collapse the side panel and maximise your screen space.

Show or hide filters: Click on the “filter” icon to toggle the visibility of the filter button or filter conditions.

Manage Workspace and Queues: Check out our articles on how to manage your Workspace and Queues.

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