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Generic Engine: Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of analysis are quality control documents that are common in the food and beverage industry. These documents confirm that the received food products comply with the desired parameters and targets. Rossum Generic Engine has been pre-trained to recognize and process the fields in Certificates of Analysis. The tables below contain the full list of […]

Generic Engine: Accounts Payable and Receivable

The Accounts Payable and Receivable AI engine is pre-trained to recognize Rossum’s general dataset of semi-structured documents. Rossum generic AI engine has been specifically trained to recognize invoices and purchase orders.  Supported Fields Rossum’s Accounts Payable and Receivable AI Engine has been pre-trained to recognize data fields in invoices and purchase orders. You can use this engine to automate your AP and AR […]

Generic Engine: Chinese Invoices

Rossum’s Chinese Invoices engine has been pre-trained to recognize data fields in Governmental Tax Invoices from Mainland China (fapiaos). Now you can achieve the fastest Chinese invoice (fapiao) processing time and go from days to hours thanks to data extraction and data learning from your incoming Chinese invoices. Avoid misalignments, errors in balancing and reconciling […]

Getting Started with Rossum

This guide will walk you through Rossum’s app. You will learn how to: Create an account Upload your documents Validate the data Export the data Create an account To create an account, head to Rossum registration page. In the first step, you’ll need to select your region to define the list of Pre-trained fields that will be extracted […]

Exporting captured data

After capturing data within the Rossum app, the final step is getting data out of the system for further processing. There are several data formats Rossum supports – XLSX, CSV, XML or JSON. While XML and JSON are important for programmers and integrators working on automatic integration in other workflows, anyone can work with XLSX and CSV […]

Extracting Tables with Magic Grid

Imagine you need to extract tables from invoices and other documents in your business workflow. Manually retyping or even copy-pasting the values from documents can be exhausting and require a life-threatening quantity of caffeine to complete. Our Magic Grid feature can significantly boost your performance – and dramatically reduce your coffee consumption – when working […]

Splitting PDF into multiple documents

It is often convenient to process multiple documents stored in a single file. Most commonly, you would scan many documents at once in a scanner with an automatic feeder, resulting in a single file that combines all the scanned pages. Rossum can split a file automatically using a special separator page. Simply print the QR […]

Exploring Usage Reporting Dashboard

Note:  The usage reporting dashboard is a paid add-on and will be limited based on your subscription. Continuous improvement is a key business objective on both an individual and team basis. To achieve this goal, you must know which processes could be better and set improvement benchmarks and milestones.  With this in mind, we’ve prepared […]

Embedding AI-Powered Data Capture in Your Document Management Workflow

In 2020, ERP and DMS users increasingly expect the platform to have an automatic data extraction module. While an overwhelming number of businesses out there are still relying on  manual data entry, there’s a hot market for platform vendors that can offer their clients an integrated data capture solution. If your clients have approached you […]

Document Lifecycle: A Guide To Document Statuses

Are you unsure about what happens to a document in Rossum once it leaves your email inbox? We have prepared a quick guide for you that will lead you through all the different statuses a document may have in Rossum. When you send a document to the queue, Rossum will immediately start to extract the […]

Batch Export with Confirmed Tab

At Rossum, we are trying to make any integration as easy as ABC. Today, we will present a new feature called the Confirmed tab that will make your life easier. When will you appreciate the benefits of this feature? When you confirmed a document and within a few seconds you realized that you made a […]

Integrate Rossum with NetSuite

Are you using NetSuite software for Accounts Payable in your company and would you like to integrate it with Rossum? We provide an easy solution to this. Trial our NetSuite Automation Suite for free to see how it can help your business. What does the integration do The integration is currently suitable for all variety […]

Using Webhook for Push Notifications

When working with documents in Rossum, there are a great deal of events you or your operators might want to react to in your workflows. In the most typical scenarios you would want to: Show a custom message to the user in the validation screen Compute missing values in a document based on captured data […]

Customize Rossum Logic With a Serverless Function

Have you ever thought of showing a customized message to your data capture reviewers? Or maybe you were thinking about calculating fields like tax rate from other values on the document? Such actions can be done with a Rossum extension, such as Webhook. However, the Webhooks have one limitation, you need to manage your own […]

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

When reviewing documents in Rossum, there are multiple ways of moving between data fields, confirming them, and editing them. Over time, operators find the most suitable way for them to review documents. In this article, we provide some tips on how to speed up the reviewing process using various keyboard shortcuts or tricks in the […]

Fill in a Dropdown Field From a Spreadsheet

Have you ever thought of having an enum data field in Rossum’s validation screen where the reviewer could select one of the values from a dropdown menu? Such data fields could represent a list of vendors, currencies, or document types. In this article, we will present how you can easily create, delete, and modify the […]

Setting up Automation of Documents in Rossum

In ideal setup, all documents in the world should be processed automatically. Rossum is trying to help with this by accurately capturing data from documents and also by creating an automation framework that let’s you automate documents where Rossum is confident enough about the captured values. How to Setup Automation of Documents You can learn […]

Automatically Match Captured Data to Master Data

Some of the most important data fields in any document are vendor name, customer name, VAT IDs, addresses, and payment information. Such fields usually do not change on the documents from the same vendor, unlike dates, total amounts, etc. Moreover, such fields can be used for uniquely matching master data so that when you are […]

Duplicate detection in Rossum

Receiving the same invoice multiple times is a common situation in Accounts Payable. Of course, you do not want to pay for the same invoice multiple times and you do not even want to waste your human resources for capturing data from the duplicate documents. How does Rossum detect duplicates Rossum can currently detect duplicate […]

Rossum’s SLA: Availability, Scalability and Support

As a SaaS company, we consider our platform’s performance the top priority. Rossum’s availability, reliability, and scalability are central to our customers’ business operations, and we have designed Rossum’s service architecture accordingly. Rossum runs in a public cloud and is based on state-of-art technology, leveraging microservice architecture with its infrastructure based on Kubernetes, Terraform and […]

Customizing the document dashboard

When working with documents in Rossum, you want to navigate the list of items as quickly and efficiently as possible. You might want to do a quick check for overdue invoices, or narrow down on purchase orders from a particularly sensitive customer to process them first. To help with that, we made the dashboard in […]

Data Capture From Long Documents With Big Tables

Processing long tables with many rows might be challenging and time consuming, especially when the document has a big table across multiple pages. In this article, we summed up some useful tips on how to process such tables efficiently using a Magic Grid and how to easily apply these changes to other pages of the […]

Extracting Nested Values In Line Items

Note: this feature is currently available to Early Access applicants. If you wish to trial it, please email Extracting nested values in line items When you are extracting “SKU” or “PO Number” for each line item on document you can experience the following situations: The values are part of the “Description” column of the […]

Automatically split batch files in Rossum

The ability to automatically split a document with multiple invoices is a typical demand when processing invoices in accounts payable workflows. Therefore, we set out on a journey to make this possible. As a first step, we have started recommending how to split batch documents into multiple independent files. Split document based on suggested splits […]

Rejecting Documents in Rossum

Sometimes you receive a document that contains errors or lacks significant data – for example missing order ID, incorrect company information or unreadable parts of the document. With a rejection workflow, you can notify the sender of the document (or somebody in your company) of the things that should be corrected – via email sent […]

Sending Documents to Rossum’s Email Inbox

The easiest way how your vendors and customers can send documents to Rossum is to use our intelligent email inbox. Advantages of using the intelligent inbox are: Easy document transfer directly from vendors Passing of important information in email content Rejecting documents in Rossum with email notification directly to the email of the sender Ability […]

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