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Field Manager

From this article, you will learn: Field Manager is an admin-friendly tool that lets you access and manage fields across multiple queues within Rossum simultaneously. It provides you with an overview of the different usages of fields across your queues, allowing you to easily identify and eliminate any inconsistencies in the setup. Please note Field Manager […]

Extraction Schema Editor in Rossum

From this article, you will learn: The extraction schema lets you define the data to capture from documents uploaded to Rossum and other values to enrich extraction results (e.g., fields for values added by extensions). Usually, each queue has its own schema, but you can link one schema with multiple queues if needed. How to […]

Document Attachment Management in Rossum

This article covers: Document Attachment Management in Rossum This is a paid feature that has to be activated by our team. For more information, please contact your dedicated Account Manager. B2B transactions often involve the exchange of various documents, received independently or generated after the splitting of larger batch files. Customers, in turn, grapple with […]

Field value source in Rossum

In this article we will cover: Field value source explained In Rossum, you can set the source of field values to make the annotation process smoother and more efficient. There are three types of fields: Captured, Data, and Manual. Each has its own features and lets you decide if annotators can edit the field value. […]

Editing documents in Rossum

From this article you will learn: Editing documents in Rossum The “Edit Document” section in Rossum is where you can make adjustments to documents uploaded to your queues. The available options include: How to access the “Edit Document” section in Rossum To access the “Edit Document” screen, open the document and click on the scissors […]

Delete recommendations in Rossum

From this article you will learn: What is the Delete Recommendations feature The Delete Recommendations feature provides you with improved control over the documents you handle in Rossum. It helps you avoid paying for documents you don’t want by showing recommendations and allowing you to easily delete documents that meet certain criteria. How to enable […]

Interactive Bounding Boxes in Rossum

In this article, you will gain insights into the following: What are interactive bounding boxes During the process of validating data extracted from documents, you may have noticed that the values on the document are surrounded by blue borders. These borders, also known as bounding boxes, serve the purpose of selecting values on the document. […]

Approval workflows in Rossum

From this article you will learn: What is the approval workflow Rossum allows you to implement automated routing of approval requests in the company. The process works based on data extracted from the document and the rules that our team is going to help you create. Simple example of a workflow is – all invoices […]

Setting up a custom Rossum subdomain

When creating a new Rossum account, you will be asked to set up a subdomain – create a link that you are going to use to access your account. This approach will allow us to meet the most demanding security requirements and improve Rossum’s performance. You can adjust subdomain to your liking, however, we recommend […]

Getting Started with Rossum

This quick start guide will walk you through the Rossum app and show you all the basics. You will learn how to: Create an account To create an account, head to the Rossum registration page.  In the first step, enter your personal information. That includes First name, Last name, Company name, Phone number, and Business email address you want to associate with the […]

Exporting Captured Data

From this article you will learn: What are the data formats that Rossum supports? After receiving captured data within the Rossum app, the final step is getting data out of the system for further processing. There are several data formats Rossum supports – XLSX, CSV, XML or JSON. XML and JSON  formats are essential for programmers […]

Splitting documents in Rossum

From this article you will learn: How to split documents using separator page Rossum provides several ways to split documents, and one of them is our separator page. This feature is helpful when you have multiple documents stored in one file to scan and upload to Rossum. To use it, you simply print a special […]

Exploring Usage Reporting Dashboard

Note:  The usage reporting dashboard is a paid add-on and will be limited based on your subscription. Continuous improvement is a key business objective on both an individual and team basis. To achieve this goal, you must know which processes could be better and set improvement benchmarks and milestones.  With this in mind, we’ve prepared […]

Embedding AI-Powered Data Capture in Your Document Management Workflow

In 2020, ERP and DMS users increasingly expect the platform to have an automatic data extraction module. While an overwhelming number of businesses out there are still relying on  manual data entry, there’s a hot market for platform vendors that can offer their clients an integrated data capture solution. If your clients have approached you […]

Keyboard Shortcuts

When reviewing documents in Rossum, there are multiple ways of moving between data fields, confirming them, and editing them. Over time, operators find the most suitable way for them to review documents. In this article, we provide some tips on how to speed up the reviewing process using various keyboard shortcuts or tricks in the […]

Fill in a Dropdown Field From a Spreadsheet

Have you ever thought of having an enum data field in Rossum’s validation screen where the reviewer could select one of the values from a dropdown menu? Such data fields could represent a list of vendors, currencies, or document types. In this article, we will present how you can easily create, delete, and modify the […]

Duplicate detection in Rossum

Receiving the same invoice multiple times is a common situation in Accounts Payable. Of course, you do not want to pay for the same invoice multiple times and you do not even want to waste your human resources for capturing data from the duplicate documents. How does Rossum detect duplicates Rossum can currently detect duplicate […]

Rossum’s SLA: Availability, Scalability and Support

As a SaaS company, we consider our platform’s performance the top priority. Rossum’s availability, reliability, and scalability are central to our customers’ business operations, and we have designed Rossum’s service architecture accordingly. Rossum runs in a public cloud and is based on state-of-art technology, leveraging microservice architecture with its infrastructure based on Kubernetes, Terraform and […]

Extracting Nested Values In Line Items

This extension is deprecated. It has been replaced by Aurora for Complex Tables feature – described here. Extracting nested values in line items When you are extracting “SKU” or “PO Number” for each line item on document you can experience the following situations: An example of such cases is visible on the table below. Extracting […]

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