User guides

Getting Started with Rossum

This guide will walk you through Rossum’s app. You will learn how to: Create an account Upload your documents Validate the data Export the data Create an account To create an account, head to Rossum registration page. In the first step, you’ll need to select your region to define the list of Pre-trained fields that will be extracted […]

Exporting captured data

After capturing data within the Rossum app, the final step is getting data out of the system for further processing. There are several data formats Rossum supports – CSV, XML or JSON. While XML and JSON are important for programmers and integrators working on automatic integration in other workflows, anyone can work with CSV files, which are […]

Splitting PDF into multiple documents

In the case where you need to process multiple documents contained in a single pdf file (ex: you scanned documents in one batch without using the Splitting page), you can use the Document slicing tool which can split the file into multiple documents. On the validation, you will see an Edit button on the right sight of the screen. Clicking […]

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