Rossum Aurora

Generic Engine: Aurora Engine

The Aurora Engine learns custom fields and new document formats rapidly. Moreover, the engine also is pre-trained to recognise data (fields) related to Accounts Payable and Receivable, suitable to process transactional documents like Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Credit Notes, Debit Notes. Supported Fields The tables below contain the full list of standard data fields the Aurora Engine can […]

Aurora for Complex Tables

From this article, you will learn: How Rossum can help you extract data from tables Understanding tables in documents can be challenging, from simple layouts to more complex structures. Aurora for complex tables simplifies the process, making it easy to extract data from tables quickly. This solution not only handles structured and straightforward cases but […]

Rejecting Documents in Rossum

From this article you will learn: Do you want to know why the ability to reject documents in Rossum is so useful? You may occasionally receive a document that contains errors or lacks critical data, such as a missing order ID, incorrect company information, or illegible parts. With a document rejection workflow, you can send […]

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