Rossum AI Engines

Annotation Assistant

From this article you will learn: What is the Annotation Assistant How do you enable Annotation Assistant What best practices the Annotation Assistant helps with What is the Annotation Assistant Annotation assistant is a tool that helps detect common annotation mistakes and ensures the best annotation practices. Following its recommendations will help you reach Rossum’s […]

Annotations Guide

From this article you will learn: What are the annotations, and why do you need them? Annotations refer to all the captured data from a document. You can recognize them by the blue bounding boxes (b-boxes) that appear on the document after it is processed in Rossum. To ensure that the AI engine will learn […]

Generic Engine: Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of analysis are quality control documents that are common in the food and beverage industry. These documents confirm that the received food products comply with the desired parameters and targets. Rossum Generic Engine has been pre-trained to recognize and process the fields in Certificates of Analysis. The tables below contain the full list of […]

Generic Engine: Chinese Invoices

Rossum’s Chinese Invoices engine has been pre-trained to recognize data fields in Governmental Tax Invoices from Mainland China (fapiao). Now you can achieve the fastest Chinese invoices processing time and go from days to hours thanks to data extraction and data learning from your incoming fapiao. Avoid misalignments, errors in balancing and reconciling statements and […]

What Is the Rossum AI Engine?

The Rossum AI Engine is the brain that runs the Rossum application. It is responsible for reading and extracting data from each document that Rossum receives. Rossum’s AI Engine learns to identify and recognize information in Accounts Payable and Receivable documents holistically. It allows the engine to make generalized decisions based on hundreds of thousands […]

Data Fields Extracted by the Generic AI Engine

Rossum’s Generic AI Engine has been pre-trained to recognize data fields in invoices and purchase orders. You can use this engine to automate your AP process without any complex training procedures. The engine also supports most standard invoicing fields. The tables below contain the full list of standard data fields the Generic AI Engine can […]

Do You Need Rossum’s Generic or Dedicated AI Engine?

Rossum has two types of AI Engine: Generic AI Engine and Dedicated AI Engine. Rossum has several types of Generic Engines that have learned to process a specific document type. These include: Generic Engines learn to recognize fields from many various invoice layouts, languages, and types of content. Generic Engines are default for standard Rossum […]

How Dedicated AI Engine Training Works

Note: If you want to use the Rossum dedicated AI engine, make sure to purchase the feature before you start the training process. After purchasing the dedicated AI engine, the training process will consist of the following steps: Set up your extraction schema. Dedicated AI engine training requires that a special schema be set up. Rossum […]

Continuous Engine Updates

After your dedicated AI engine has been trained for the first time, you will notice a steady improvement in data extraction accuracy. As you continue using Rossum, the platform uses the data you review and validate in the validation screen to retrain the engine and increase its precision. These continuous engine updates retrain your dedicated […]

Preparing Documents for Dedicated AI Engine Training

All documents that are to be used for dedicated AI engine training must pass through a verification process, which is carried out through the Rossum validation screen. After Rossum processes an uploaded document, a data entry operator opens the validation screen and reviews the captured data. The operator can correct errors by pointing and clicking […]

Setting up Extraction schema for Dedicated Engine on Multiple Queues

Use the same setup for fields on different queues Please use the same logic for all fields that represent the same fields on different queues. The fields can be set up using the Rossum’s Extraction schema editor. If the same fields need to be extracted, they have to have the same field IDs and the […]

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