Product news

Product News: September 2020

General Capabilities Serverless function testing Serverless functions are a great way to extend Rossum’s behavior. If you would like to experiment with customizing and debugging template code, you’re in luck! We’ve just introduced a simple testing environment where you can do just that. Stay tuned for customization of the testing input. Read more about Serverless […]

Product News: August 2020

General Capabilities Serverless Functions Extend your business logic when capturing document data easily with Rossum Serverless Functions. Customizing messages shown to the user when the application captures data or fills in missing values is now trivial, without requiring any infrastructure maintenance. Learn more about Serverless Functions.  Product Release Webinar: Serverless Functions For even more on […]

Product News: July 2020

We bent over backwards this month to increase Rossum’s flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. Now you can: Move documents to different queues Process long documents Create new Webhooks directly in the UI General Capabilities Move documents to different queues The ability to move a document to a different queue is crucial if e.g. you accidentally send […]

Product News: June 2020

Do you want to go faster? Of course you do! This month’s updates will help speed up your Rossum experience. Now you can Add dropdown fields in seconds Updating column values in batches Deleting rows with caution General Capabilities Create dropdown fields from spreadsheets Adding dropdown fields containing your vendors, currencies, or document types is […]

Product News: May 2020

This month we finalized an integration between Rossum and Zapier to improve your workflows. We also made updates to extracted field type names and field value initialization based on imports done by email. Integration Connect Rossum to your Zaps We have finally prepared an integration for Zapier. Here are a couple of use cases that […]

Product News: April 2020

This month we focused on adding features to our Magic Grid tool to simplify and accelerate line item extraction. Other updates include date range filtering for documents, a new split and rotate document icon, and a minor change to an annotation property. If you have a spare minute, we would love to hear about your […]

Product News: March 2020

This month at Rossum, we’ve introduced the Confirmed tab to offer you more flexible data approval. The column summation feature enables you to add up table values with ease. In addition, you now have more control over your data downloads. We’d like to ask you for a couple of minutes of your time to answer […]

Product News: February 2020

This month at Rossum, we’re proud to introduce our usage reporting dashboard. Gain practical insights that can help you optimize document data capture and associated processes. For greater convenience, you can now export captured data in xlsx format. Also, a massive thanks to those of you who have taken the time to reply to our […]

Product News: January 2020

At Rossum, we are kicking 2020 off with integration and UX improvements that you’re really going to appreciate. As of this month, you’ll notice more streamlined Rossum integration features and a smoother Magic Grid. User Experience Magic Grid UX improvements We’ve improved the position and size of the buttons you use to add and remove […]

Product News: December 2019

This month we’ve added and augmented features that make Rossum more efficient and enjoyable to use. Read on to discover the handy new functions and support channels we’ve prepared for you! General capabilities Schema editor Preparing an Extraction Schema is one of the most important tasks you need to do when configuring Rossum. You have […]

Product News: November 2019

We’ve upgraded our platform to give you even more control over your data capture processes while increasing the default capacity of our AI Core Engine. You may also notice that a couple of the app’s operations now run faster. Keep reading to find out about the new features we released in the past month. General […]

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