How to set up the Calculations extension

What is the Calculations Extension, and how does it work We have developed Calculations extension to improve your automation while maintaining the integrity of your data. Whenever numeric data is missing from your document but can be deduced from available data, you can use our new extension to perform mathematical expressions to find the missing value. The […]

How to set up the Value Transformations extension from the Rossum Store

Note: This documentation describes the new, improved version of Value Transformations function. Documentation for the old version of this function has been moved here. Very often values printed on documents are not in the desired format or contain unwanted characters such as spaces, commas, colons, etc. Given this, it may be beneficial to transform the […]

How to set up the PO Matching with Line Items extension from Rossum Store

In Accounts Payable it is often required to match incoming invoices with existing purchase orders. We know that in Rossum and therefore we have built an out-of-the-box extension available in the Rossum Store which does just that. Not only that it checks whether there is a purchase order with a corresponding ID in your database, […]

How to set up the Accounts Payable Checks extension from Rossum Store

Even though Rossum today applies to many different use cases, originally we’ve been focused mostly on Accounts Payable area and therefore we also have many users who are using Rossum just for that. And for those of you we developed a special function which helps AP departments to validate their invoices in an easier, faster […]

How to set up the Document Sorting extension from Rossum Store

When receiving various document types in your Rossum inbox, you may have found yourself in need of sorting these incoming documents based on their type (such as an invoice, credit note, purchase order) to different queues.  Why? Each document may require a different set of fields to be extracted You may have different people processing […]

Using Webhook for Push Notifications

When working with documents in Rossum, there are a great deal of events you or your operators might want to react to in your workflows. In the most typical scenarios you would want to: Show a custom message to the user in the validation screen Compute missing values in a document based on captured data […]

Customize Rossum Logic With a Serverless Function

Have you ever thought of showing a customized message to your data capture reviewers? Or maybe you were thinking about calculating fields like tax rate from other values on the document? Such actions can be done with a Rossum extension, such as Webhook. However, the Webhooks have one limitation, you need to manage your own […]

Automatically Match Captured Data to Master Data

Some of the most important data fields in any document are vendor name, customer name, VAT IDs, addresses, and payment information. Such fields usually do not change on the documents from the same vendor, unlike dates, total amounts, etc. Moreover, such fields can be used for uniquely matching master data so that when you are […]

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