Customizing data extraction

Guide to Automation Process in Rossum

From this article you will learn: How does automation work in Rossum What do the various ticks on the validation screen mean What are the document automation levels What are field automation levels What are the automation blockers How does automation work in Rossum Ideally, all documents in the world should be processed automatically. Rossum […]

How to Use the Distributive Webhook

What is the Distributive Webhook? Distributive Webhook is an extension that enables you to capture headings or other data within tables. When there is a value above or below some rows in the line item table, that value cannot be captured using a simple point-and-click approach. To distribute these values to rows below or above, […]

Configuring Fields for Data Extraction

Each Queue defines the structure of Data fields that Rossum extracts. When editing this structure you have two options: Use pre-trained Data fields – Rossum’s Generic AI engine has been pre-trained to recognize specific Data fields and enables you to start extracting data without any additional training for the AI. Define Custom data fields and train the […]

Capturing a New Data Field in Rossum

Rossum’s AI Engine can capture a predefined set of data fields from the very beginning. You will see those fields when you create a new Rossum account or a new queue from a given regional extraction schema template.  However, it is a common case that you need to create a new custom data field that […]

Capturing Custom Table Data in Rossum

A basic element in the extraction schema is the data field. However, Rossum enables the capture of even more complex structures like tables. At the moment, Rossum’s AI engine automatically extracts 2 types of tables – Line items and Tax details. Both of them come with a variety of predefined sets of extracted data fields […]

Capturing fields with multiple values in Rossum

Basic data field in Rossum extraction schema can be used to extract a single value, e.g. extraction of Invoice Number. However, in some cases you might need to extract multiple values under one field. For such cases, Rossum schema supports also extraction of data fields with multiple values – multivalue fields. What is a multivalue […]

How Rossum Data Extraction Billing Works

Rossum’s pricing has a complex structure, but a major part of Rossum’s subscription is the volume allowance for document processing. This article clarifies the exact cases of when and how Rossum charges for a document or a page. The basic principle of Rossum’s billing is that we charge for documents or pages processed by our […]

Supported Data Types In Master Data Matching

When using Rossum’s Data matching feature, you can upload various types of data representing list of vendors, purchase orders or delivery notes. However, each of the possible document types is a little bit different and each of its fields might need some pre-processing in order to achieve the best master data matching results. By default […]

Making Fields in Rossum Required

When capturing fields in Rossum you often want your users to always capture value for a specific field. In such cases, Rossum should enforce capturing of such a field by showing a specific message to the user. This is already possible in the Rossum’s validation screen and in this article you will find out how […]

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