Email forwarding to Rossum

When should you consider setting up email forwarding? Do you often receive documents that you need to process as email attachments? The easiest way to bring such documents into Rossum is to send them directly to the queue email address.Some users, however, prefer to receive documents in a separate mailbox and forward them to Rossum […]

Email Inbox in Rossum

From this article you will learn: What is Email Inbox in Rossum How to set up Email Inbox How to send emails to your Rossum’s Email Inbox and process them in Rossum What is Email Inbox in Rossum? Our intelligent email inbox is the easiest way your vendors and customers can send documents to Rossum. […]

How to set up the Advanced Email Filtering extension

We want Rossum to be your universal Document Gateway. Send in whatever you want, and Rossum will know what to do with it. We built Rossum to digest and process various document and file types that arrive as attachments to your emails. However, it may not be able to handle all of the emails and […]

Rejecting Documents in Rossum

From this article you will learn: How to reject documents What happens when you reject a document How to disable the Rejected tab How to get the rejected documents via API How to customize the email template Do you want to know why the ability to reject documents in Rossum is so useful? You may […]

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