Manage accounts & users

Creating a New User

When you create a new account at Rossum using the registration form, both a new organization account and a user account with admin rights are created. Afterwards, as the admin user, you can easily share access to queues and documents with other members of your team and specify their roles within your organization. To create […]

Creating a new Queue

A Queue is the basic organizational unit of the Rossum app. For every document type (such as invoices, packing lists, claims, etc.), you should specify a separate Queue. If you want to create a new one just follow the steps below: After login, go to the Settings screen by clicking the “gear” button in the […]

Creating a new Workspace

Workspaces allow you to group related Queues into one organizational unit. In this article, we show how to create a new workspace in the Rossum app: After login, go to the Settings screen by clicking the “gear” button in the upper left corner. Click “Workspaces and queues” in the left panel. Click the “Add workspace” […]

What Is an Organization?

When you register for a new Rossum account, both Organization and User accounts are created. You can view an Organization as a container for all the workspaces, queues and documents that you can see when you log in to your Rossum account. The Organization name is usually the same as your company name you filled […]

Managing documents in workspaces and queues

In this article we will explain to you how to use workspaces & queues and how to move documents among queues as well as tabs.  What is the difference between workspace and queue Let’s start with the basics. Workspaces allow you to group related queues into one organizational unit. You can consider workspace as the […]

Production vs. Test Environment Setup

Getting started with Rossum takes only a few clicks: go to, enter your email address, fill out a simple form – and voila, you can try out our platform and our technology.  If you’ve tested the basics and you want to get serious about Rossum, you’re probably wondering what’s the best practice for having […]

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