Manage accounts & users

Guide to the Document Lifecycle

From this article you will learn about: Do you know what happens to a document in Rossum after it leaves your email inbox? We’ve put together a quick guide to the document lifecycle to walk you through a document’s various statuses in Rossum. Different statuses a document can have in Rossum When you send a […]

How to manage users

From this article you will learn: How to create a new user account Creating a new user in the Rossum app is very quick and easy. When you use the registration form to create your new account in Rossum, an organization account and a user account with administrator privileges are automatically added. This way you […]

Manage queues in Rossum

From this article you will learn: How to create a queue How to delete a queue What exactly is a queue in Rossum, and how can you manage queues and documents? A queue is the Rossum app’s basic unit that helps you organize documents and manage workflow. You should create a separate Queue for every […]

Manage workspaces in Rossum

From this article you will learn: How to create a workspace How to delete a workspace What exactly is a Workspace, and why is it a good idea to create one? Workspace allows you to group Queues that are related. You can think of it as a large organizational unit representing a specific customer (if you […]

What Is an Organization?

Rossum automatically creates the Organization and User accounts when you register for a new Rossum account. But what exactly is the Organization in Rossum app? You can think of it as a container. It has all the workspaces, queues, and documents you see when you log in to your Rossum account. The name is usually the same as the company name you […]

Managing Documents in Workspaces And Queues

From this article you will learn: What is the difference between a workspace and a queue? This article will show how to manage workspaces and queues and move documents in Rossum. But first, let’s go over the basics. Workspaces allow you to group related queues into one organizational unit. Think of the workspace as a large […]

Test vs. Production Environment Setup

From this article you will learn: It only takes a few clicks to get started with Rossum. Go to Rossum registration page, enter your email address, and fill out a simple form. Add all the information, and you are ready to try out our platform and technology. So now you’ve tested the basics and want to […]

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