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Curious about Rossum but are concerned how easily it will integrate into your current IT environment? Let our Global Services team step in and take care of it for you. 

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Ideas and analyzes

Why Rossum

Rossum is exceptionally flexible, allowing data capture processes to be streamlined in the ways you need. When engaging our Global Services team's deep technical expertise, you can rest easy knowing that your new data capture system will meet the needs of your unique best practices while maximizing operational efficiency and performance.

Streamlined Process

Our solution architects will design your data capture process so that your team does not have to revisit documents in multiple systems.

Tight Integration

We will integrate your databases and implement all other business rules within the Rossum platform.

Managed High Accuracy

Your team has a job to do. Our job is making sure they’re not wasting time needlessly correcting recurring capture issues.

Long-term Automation

We will work together to establish an automation roadmap, because ultimately our shared goal is that typing in data becomes a thing of the past.

Customers we helped

Master Trust Bank of Japan
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Advantages we

Fast, smooth, guided onboarding

Optimize efficiency of your final data capture process

Minimize internal IT resource requirements

Focus on your core competency, not IT project implementation

Services we


Tailor-made ERP integration


Process-specific business rules


Maximize Rossum platform potential by extensions that customize behavior


Outsourcing AI pretraining and annotation services

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