Have you been promised 100% accuracy?

Our AI-powered document processing solution cuts through the noise to give you the accuracy you need when processing customs clearance documents. We’ll help you drive efficiency. Reduce costs. And, minimize shipping delays, inspections, fees, and fines.


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internal stakeholders

Internal stakeholders unhappy? Then nobody's happy.

Meet your internal SLAs at minimal cost, and they will be no more banging on your door or angry emails in your inbox.

customs control penalties

Goods stuck in customs control, facing heavy contractual penalties?

Automate your customs clearance process and improve your profit margins by giving a wide berth to unnecessary spot fines and inspections, and driving higher asset efficiency.

customs paperwork

Limited audit trail & supply chain woes losing your money?

No administrative visibility and a fragmented supply chain brings low efficiency and accuracy. Automate workflows for a full audit trail, real-time insights, forecasting, and accurate payment processes.

The logistics industry is projected to hit close to $13 trillion by 2027. In an industry already swamped with hundreds of millions of documents and emails per year, that’s a mountain of paperwork. From bills of lading to commercial invoices, packing lists to delivery notes, the faster your customs clearance process is, the faster you can bill your customers.

Rossum’s document processing solution brings machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and robotic process automation (RPA) to the table. This will help you pre-process, extract, process, validate, segregate, and sort all your customs documents.

No boast… our top-notch user interface combined with our industry-leading AI engine makes for an excellent user experience. Keeping your team and your customers happy.

Customs clearance documents. End-to-end.

Pre-processing documents

Automated classification of documents eliminates data entry errors that lead to payment charges and penalties, and reduce supply chain disruption.

  • Extract data from documents across all formats and channels
  • Automate communication to avoid manual follow up
  • Filter out spam and duplicate documents
  • Route documents with a flexible queuing system

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commercial invoices

Data capture

AI-powered data capture solution that applies to human-like intelligence and adapts as it learns from commercial invoice data.

  • Adapt to document layout changes with flexible data capture technology
  • Streamline downstream processes efficiently with attribute-level accuracy
  • Take advantage of every human mouse, movement, and keystroke

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82% of time saved on validation

AI-powered data capture solution understands dynamic documents with fields that move or change size.

  • Read documents like a human, adapting to changes in style and formatting
  • Automated data extraction ensures all documents are processed according to predetermined policies
  • Minimizes human time spent validating data over time
  • Data extraction engine that learns with every human keystroke

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commercial invoice validation screen


Eliminate manual tasks like calculations, sorting, or email follow ups on your processed documents.

  • Develop automations with our extensible low-code interface
  • Tap into pre-built extensions and automation functions
  • Avoid communication bottlenecks with third parties
  • Keep everyone on the same page for all your documents

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Access to analyzable data

Built-in reporting and dashboards to view key metrics, spot trends, and identify document processing optimization insights.

  • Drill down into users, queues, document types, and fields
  • Meet delivery SLAs with error-free data
  • Identify and investigate field-level accuracy
  • Ongoing performance improvement with Usage Reporting dashboard

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Don’t take our word for it!


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“Rossum facilitates data entry of customs invoices, freight documents, customs certificates and similar and – more importantly – makes the process easier and faster which leads to fewer errors in this department.” – Customer review on G2. Read all reviews.


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“Rossum is a Major Contender on Everest Group’s Intelligent Document
Processing (IDP) PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022.” Read the full report.

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Platform extensibility

Rossum’s extensible data processing solution allows you to add functions that include various pre- and post-processing activities, such as duplication management, rotations, and pagination. To give you even more flexibility, our platform is downstream and upstream system-agnostic, meaning we can receive data in multiple formats or multiple sources, and process the data effectively.

Fast and high-quality data extractions will help your business automate more tasks. Reducing operating costs, eliminating errors, and improving the productivity and efficiency of your team.

Bonus… your team will be a whole lot happier.

“I'm happy that our staff is not getting melted down under the manual data entry friction anymore and has now more space for professional growth.”

Built for enterprises

maintain complience

Capture data without templates

Deep learning neural network for accurate data extraction and increased automation, even when document layout changes.

increase agility

Rapid ROI & scalability

Turnkey Saas and template-free, cloud-native solution with rapid deployment and reduced IT maintenance costs.

accurate data capture

Meet regulatory compliance

Rossum is ISO 27001 certified, SOC2 Type II and HIPAA compliant, with a dedicated reliability team and enterprise-grade support and SLAs.

streamline processes

Continuous improvement

Tailor our IDP solution to meet the specific needs of your business, with an intuitive user interface and fast onboarding.

Are you ready for the future of customs clearance document processing?