Our Robotic Invoice Specialist automates processing of your incoming invoices. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence.


Level-up Your Productivity

Elis offers over 6× speedup of the invoice and PO data entry — enabling your employees to focus on worthwhile activities and your organization to boost invoices paid on time.

Human-Level Accuracy

Elis is able to extract data with human-level accuracy even from very diverse invoices. This is due to its state-of-the-art AI that is inspired by how humans approach extracting data.

Unrivaled Interface

Our cloud-based interface facilitates speedy validation of the extracted data against the real invoice. (On-premise solutions are also available.)

No Template Setup

The Elis engine is based on neural networks that already come pretrained on a massive range of invoices. Start using Elis today with no prior setup of templates or extraction rules.

Sample invoice

Support for other languages is possible

How Elis

  1. Elis downloads PDF or scanned invoices from your mailbox, shared drive or forwarded email
  2. Elis automatically transforms the invoice to a structured format (JSON, CSV, XML or UBL)
  3. Extracted data are displayed in an online portal where your operator quickly verifies and confirms them
  4. Structured data are then automatically imported through an API into your ERP or accounting system

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