What OCR scanner software can best help you?

Streamlining data capture is the goal every company needs to be competitive. Which cognitive OCR scanner software can scale with you as your company grows in this success? Be sure to fully educate yourself on your choices, as some may not be able to meet your specific needs.

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OCR scanner software to help your business succeed

In this guide, we’ll walk through the best choosing the best AP automation software, such as OCR scanner software, that’ll help you and your organization grow and scale even faster.

OCR scanner software

OCR scanner software is a computer program that can streamline your data capture process. Most data is stored in paper documents and PDF files which are unstructured formats that computer systems cannot understand. The process of converting the data within those file types into structured data is called data capture. Data capture is essential for processing documents in digital systems and archiving data in databases. Both of these applications require structured data in order to be successful. Because so many important business processes are dependent on paper processing, the efficiency of your data capture has a direct impact on the flexibility and scalability of your organization. 

For example, if your data capture of invoices is slow, your ability to process and pay those invoices will be delayed. This means that during times of growth, your organization may be held back by your accounts payable department as your employees struggle to keep up with the mountains of paperwork. OCR scanner software can help avoid this problem by allowing you to rapidly capture all the data in hundreds of documents with just a single click.

Furthermore, if the scanner software is part of an overall intelligent document processing (IDP) solution like Rossum, you also get access to a centralized repository of all your relevant documents. This cloud-based repository can be easily searched, and documents can be accessed from anywhere at any time. A platform like this enables you to eliminate paperwork, take control of your business document workflows, and bring the power of automation to your business. 

There are many different kinds of OCR software, including HP OCR software for Windows 10. This software is only shipped with certain HP scanners and can automatically extract text within documents and export it into a Word file. There is also a Microsoft OCR software option found within the Azure platform. It is called the Computer Vision Read API and offers the ability to scan text from a variety of different documents and even images accurately. These are just two examples of OCR software for Windows 10. 

A third example is Rossum. Rossum provides a powerful OCR scanning capability that is powered by artificial intelligence to provide you with unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy when scanning documents. Plus, it goes beyond just data capture by providing a comprehensive IDP platform for all your document managing needs. 

Best OCR software

When it comes to OCR software, it’s important to understand that there are two main categories that OCR software falls into. On the one hand, you have template-based OCR. In this case, you basically write rules and create a specific template for the OCR engine so that the machine will know what that document type is and where to look to extract the data. In order to build these templates, many hours of expert work are required. Template-based OCR is a simple OCR that can be highly useful in spaces where the precise format of a document never changes. For instance, the IRS can use template-based OCR to great effect because their forms are universally consistent. However, the best OCR software is AI-enabled or cognitive. Cognitive OCR is the best OCR software for handwriting recognition and many other uses that template-based OCR just can’t handle.

Although you may think that all invoices look alike, the reality is that there are small differences in the layout, color, shape, and positioning of text across different vendors. These differences are enough to require a new template to be created for every single vendor. For a large organization, this can quickly lead to hundreds of invoice templates needing to be created. Cognitive data capture can automatically learn new document types and does a much better job at recognizing documents that it has never scanned before. This makes it the best OCR software for Windows 10 and any other operating system.  

Open source OCR software

Fortunately, you have many options when it comes to OCR solutions. There are several different versions of open-source OCR software that you can use. An open-source OCR API is an API or application programming interface that has been made open to the public. The original author relinquishes their copyright and allows the work to be freely shared and distributed. Searching for “open source OCR software Reddit” will pull up a variety of results. It’s important to remember that many of these tools and programs are in varying stages of development and may not be ready to be deployed in a business environment. 

Some tools may not be accurate enough, and others may not even have a user interface. We recommend researching any open source OCR Windows applications you may be considering. There are often forums and reviews that you can read to learn more about how well these tools work and whether or not they would be useful for you. Rossum has a GitHub repository where you can explore various elements and features of our OCR engine at the code level. 

OCR software online

Instead of going with a downloaded OCR solution that can be expensive to maintain and limited in its scalability, why not go with an OCR software online? A cloud-based platform gives you 24/7 access to your documents so that you can track files from anywhere and at any time. Using an online OCR PDF to Word converter allows you to remotely convert PDF files to Word documents. Why might you want to do this? For computers, PDF files aren’t really any different from image files in the sense that they cannot understand the data within them. A converter like this can extract the data and convert it into a format that computers can understand. This allows you to store or upload that Word document into a database system or any other software. 

PDF OCR online programs are used for a wide variety of purposes in the business world. For example, you can use software like this to help you automatically process your invoices. One of the most common formats for invoices is the PDF format. Because the PDF is unstructured, an employee must then manually type the data in the PDF into the accounting system for payment and archival purposes. With OCR software, you can bypass manual labor with the power of automation. Rossum can automatically scan and accurately extract data from hundreds of invoices with just a few clicks. This means huge time and money savings for your organization. Furthermore, this feature also allows you to free up more time for your employees so that they can focus on the work that really matters for growing your business. 

Google OCR online

The best OCR software for Windows 10 or OCR software for PC is both flexible and innovative. The worlds of artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing and developing all the time. It’s important to choose a platform that is cutting edge and hasn’t already been surpassed by some other development. 

One of the many features to have been released is the Google OCR online tool found in Google Drive. This tool allows you to convert PDF files or images into text files. You can convert one or many files at once, but the accuracy of the tool begins to suffer if your file contains any tabular data. The best online OCR is fast, accurate, and cloud-based. One of the advantages of cloud-based OCR is that it is simply accessed through a web browser. This means that you don’t need to worry about finding the best OCR software for Mac or the best OCR software for Windows. 

OCR software download

When you begin looking for automation alternatives that can streamline your data capture workflows, you may see many OCR software download options available. Downloaded OCR software may sound like you have more control, but the functionality and scalability are actually much more limited than with a cloud-based OCR converter. Although an OCR offline solution may appear to be a more versatile option, it requires you to be physically present at the computer on which the software is installed. 

With a cloud-based OCR solution, you can ensure that your important documents are being processed from anywhere and at any time. This also leads to a faster return on your investment because you can instantly get down to capturing data with no long implementation times. 

Best OCR scanner app

Looking for the best OCR scanner app can be a real challenge. There are so many different companies out there promising to offer the most impressive results. We recommend looking for reviews from real organizations in your industry to hear how they feel about the tools they’re using. Also, rather than just looking for an OCR image to text converter online, we recommend trying to find an effective intelligent document processing (IDP) solution such as Rossum. 

Managing the important data in your business requires more than just more efficient data capture. With an IDP platform like Rossum, you can say goodbye to the days of hunting high and low for important documents. Instead, all your files are stored in one convenient place, allowing you to search for and rapidly display previous documents for compliance or auditing purposes. Rossum AI can take your document processing to the next level and help you grow your business. 

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