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OCR documents

Organizing and automatically processing massive amounts of incoming document traffic is a struggle for any business. Without the right software, your team will likely struggle to manage and capture essential data from documents. This is why more and more companies are seeking intelligent document processing software to simplify OCR. To do this, you will want software that contains an optical character recognition algorithm (OCR).

With the right OCR software, documents are easily handled. The best online OCR platform will depend on your company’s unique needs. However, given the importance of OCR documents and data capturing, you will want to pay attention to a software’s specific features and advantages.

While you may simply use Google OCR online, this should not be your only research. Finding platforms like Rossum, an intelligent document processing software, is one of the best ways to ensure organization while capturing document data. Furthermore, Rossum’s advanced AI-powered OCR capabilities automate and streamline your workflow to provide efficient, error-free outcomes. Rossum’s intelligent OCR software can read documents like a human but without needing template creation or manual processes. Companies that choose Rossum as their primary OCR documents software receive various benefits, including:

  • The ability to receive documents from hundreds of different channels
  • Data extraction without the need for time-consuming templates
  • Automated learning without the need for engineering resources
  • Automated communication with senders.

Rossum offers the best online OCR software for teams looking to automate their document workflow. Whether your company struggles with extracting data from documents like invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, claims, or other transactional documents, Rossum can help make your day-to-day tasks straightforward. Choosing Rossum’s AI-powered OCR software will help your team access essential metrics and capture the most critical data from documents. Technical business professionals must consider Rossum a viable option for solving all their OCR-related needs.

OCR PDF online

One of the essential document types that businesses deal with daily is the PDF. However, this format can make OCR processes challenging for teams that extract data manually. An OCR PDF scanner online is ideal, but many options do not have the right features or automation software to scan your documents successfully.

Rossum is unique also because of its OCR PDF online capabilities. A vast amount of business data is stored in documents like PDFs. Businesses typically face challenges because document types like PDFs, Word, and images are unstructured. As a result, software like Rossum is essential to process incoming document traffic from PDFs automatically. 

Additionally, Rossum works to convert OCR PDF to Excel, making it easier for employees to access critical data metrics. If your business requires software that allows documents to be scanned PDF to Excel, then Rossum is ideal for your team. Because 80% of company data is locked in unstructured documents, Rossum’s intelligent software can stop the roadblock preventing your company from digital transformation. Managing PDF documents doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Rossum’s AI-powered OCR software extracts and captures data, so your team does not have to worry about manual extraction processes. Implementing Rossum into your work means you can operate without fear of manual errors and with plenty of time to shift your attention to other tasks.

OCR online

Given the digital landscape of the modern workplace, having access to advanced OCR online is crucial for improving business operations. Finding a platform that provides AI-powered smart OCR online is crucial for businesses seeking intelligent document processing methods. Rossum’s platform is helpful because it works with various types of documents to ensure that all of your company’s needs are met. For instance, businesses can use Rossum’s software to manage PDF OCR online and documents like Word files, images, and scans.

When you are searching platforms for OCR online, Google results may vary. While search engines will provide you with a list of OCR online software companies, it is essential to remember that the top listed platforms might not necessarily be the right fit for your business. Choosing OCR PDF to word software is essentially based on many factors, such as a protected user interface. For instance, Rossum’s online user interface is used for human verification, while its core software features a robust AI-powered engine to streamline document processing. Rossum eliminates the danger of inaccurate data extraction and captures during manual document processing. Ultimately, Rossum provides businesses with some of the best available OCR online software to automatically organize and process incoming document traffic.


Your company’s OCR software should have various tools to manage and extract PDF data. With Rossum, your organization can easily manage an OCR PDF and read PDF data. Managing an OCR PDF, meaning “Optical Character Recognition PDF,” is challenging when your organization operates on manual processes. An OCR software can convert a document’s text into a readable format. For instance, OCR software can convert a PDF to text. Additionally, Rossum makes it possible to convert an OCR PDF to Excel or an OCR PDF to JPG.

Many technical professionals consider PDF as the standard form of electronic documents. Extracting data from PDFs is still a challenge for most businesses, making it even more critical to find and implement high-quality OCR software. Some businesses seek Adobe PDF OCR software, given the popularity of Adobe for accessing PDFs. While Adobe is a viable tool for managing PDFs, your organization should seek software that has also other capabilities for different types of documents.

Many companies that use Rossum as their primary OCR software do so because it is a high-quality OCR AI-powered platform. Rossum uses cognitive OCR practices where its AI software utilizes machine learning technology to “learn” by collecting data across processed documents.

Optical Character Recognition example

To fully understand OCR, you must look at different examples, platforms, and meanings for OCR. An optical character recognition example is one of the best ways your business can genuinely understand OCR and Rossum’s AI-powered platform. With Rossum’s optical character recognition, machine learning capabilities are crucial to improving the accuracy of captured data. Because Rossum uses cognitive OCR practices, the platform’s optical character recognition software stands out as one of the best options for businesses.

Rossum has all the benefits of an optical character recognition scanner for your organization. One instance of a company that benefited from using Rossum as an optical character recognition platform is PepsiCo. As one of the largest food and beverage companies in the United States, PepsiCo used Rossum to discover the optical character recognition capabilities. With Rossum, PepsiCo deployed a document processing solution and achieved a 95% automation rate.

PepsiCo is one of the numerous companies that benefit from using Rossum as their primary intelligent document processing software. Rossum replaces most manual optical character recognition tasks, freeing time for staff to focus on other work tasks. As a whole, Rossum helps companies reduce their OCR costs and automate optical character recognition to ensure that all business processes run smoothly.

PDF OCR software

You may be aware of the benefits of available OCR software at this stage. However, it is important to emphasize the benefits of PDF OCR software for your organization. Finding the right OCR algorithm can help your business understand electronic documents and capture critical data stored in these documents. It is very common for businesses to operate with PDFs, making it crucial to have software for PDF OCR online.

Many organizations may jump to using OCR Adobe features. While Adobe DC OCR features are perfect for businesses seeking access to accessible and temporarily free OCR software, there are various options other than Adobe OCR online. Your company should have the best algorithm for OCR and data extraction available for your unique needs. The primary benefit of Adobe’s software is its ability to convert PDF to searchable PDF Adobe files.

Despite many people prioritizing Adobe OCR API, your team should seek features like Rossum’s optical character recognition algorithm PDF. Rossum can help your company scan and search PDF documents while converting these documents into a readable, comprehensive format and exporting the data to your preferred system. To get accurate data extracted from PDFs, your business should implement Rossum’s advanced AI software to streamline overall document processing. Rossum’s OCR software can access essential data from various PDF files because of its AI-powered capabilities.

OCR image to text

One of the primary features your business should look for during your search for OCR automation software is the ability to convert images to texts. OCR image-to-text technology like Rossum is essential to streamlining the daily work of technical professionals. Many companies use Rossum as their main image-to-text converter online, and Rossum’s AI-powered system means that the data extracted from images is accurate. Instead of manually extracting text from image files, your organization should prioritize intelligent, AI-powered software to do this process for you.

When navigating optical character recognition online, you want to ensure that your chosen software can accurately manage and process various document types. Rossum’s AI-powered technology extracts text and data from images without the need to take breaks as a staff member would. Rossum helps organizations extract key data from an image into a different document. Its cognitive data capture features help ensure that the extracted data will only improve in accuracy over time.

Using Rossum as your primary image-to-text software is vital to your day-to-day tasks as a technical business professional. With Rossum’s intelligent document processing features, your company can instantly and automatically process incoming images and other document traffic. Rossum automates your business communication, allowing for a streamlined workflow with fast ROI.

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