Invoice automation solutions can help you create a paperless office.

Despite easy access to document processing technologies, the paperless office still seems as futuristic to us as, say, artificial intelligence (AI) did to moviegoers in 1968. If you’re interested in completely digitizing your business, you can do so right now.

In this post, we’ll explain what eliminating paper can do for your company. You’ll also learn how to kickstart your paperless initiatives with invoice automation solutions and improvements to your accounts payable (AP) processes.

invoice automation paperless office

The real cost of invoice automation solutions

Paper-based back office processes are one of the obvious targets for automation. And many solutions did try! However, not every kind of automation is alike – or the costs. Let’s see where the costs come from and how they differ for different invoice automation solutions.

Invoice automation solutions

Businesses have traditionally processed invoices by hand, manually receiving and sorting them into the appropriate piles for approval. While this process works for some, it has proven ineffective for others, especially those with large volumes of invoices. It takes 12.4 days on average to process an invoice through the entire cycle, which is why many organizations are seeking alternative solutions to manual invoice management. In an age of advanced technology where hours count, this is simply unacceptable. Invoice automation solutions make it easier for companies to manage their invoices. With an invoice management app, you can monitor all of your invoices and automate tasks for greater efficiency.

To find the best invoice app for your organization, you should consider your unique business needs. As no two companies are alike, no two invoice solutions offer the exact same tools and features, so it can be helpful to outline your specific needs before making a decision. What pain points are you experiencing with your invoice process? What holes could an invoice automation solution fill for your business? What does your budget look like? It’s important to do your research to better understand invoice solutions, how they can benefit your business, and what each solution brings to the table.

Rossum’s intelligent document processing (IDP) platform helps organizations simplify the way in which they manage documents, including invoices. With Rossum, you can streamline your invoice management process, automating ingestion and accurately capturing data to get through invoices quicker. Solutions like Rossum make it possible for organizations to streamline document processing and eliminate human errors. When trying to process large volumes of invoices over short periods of time, mistakes are understandable, but invoice automation solutions help to reduce these issues and promote greater accuracy overall. This is critical to achieving better business outcomes.

Best automated invoice processing software

So what is the best automated invoice processing software? There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, as each business has its own needs and preferences. If you are a small business with a relatively straightforward invoice process, for example, you may benefit most from simple invoice software. This kind of software is typically easy to install and get started with and can be a great option for those on a budget. On the other hand, if you’re a large business responsible for large numbers of invoices, you might consider looking for something with more advanced capabilities. 

Finding the right vendor invoice management system for your business is the first step in simplifying your invoice process. Taking the time to find the best possible solution for your particular needs can really pay off as you start automating tasks. Invoice software can free up your accounts payable team to work on more pressing business matters, allowing you to take a backseat in terms of invoicing and let the software do the heavy lifting. While automated invoice software should not be thought of as a replacement for human intervention, it can go a long way in helping companies achieve greater efficiency in their workflows, whether they process a dozen invoices per day or several hundred.

Best Accounts Payable automation software

The best accounts payable automation software may vary from business to business, but there are a few things that companies should generally look for when choosing between accounts payable approval software or invoice automation software. First, it’s important to ensure system accuracy. Cognitive data capture can be up to 98% accurate, so quality solutions are definitely out there — it’s often a matter of finding the right ones. Pay attention to ratings and customer reviews, as these can help you determine which solutions have worked well for others and which ones are lacking.

You should also be sure to focus on solutions that are as closely aligned to your business type as possible. For example, if you run a large business, you should look for accounts payable automation software for large businesses, and if you are a small company, you should search for the best accounts payable software for small businesses. The best AP automation platforms are both flexible and scalable. This means that they allow for workflow changes as your needs evolve and can equip you with the tools you need when required. 

Accounts Payable workflow automation

Inefficiencies in your workflow can result in errors, which can ultimately lead to revenue loss. As such, it’s critical to develop a system for processing invoices quickly and accurately. Accounts payable workflow automation enables companies to streamline invoice processing. It does so by speeding up the rate at which invoices are processed, checking for any errors in the system, and alerting users to suspicious activity and inaccuracies in data. Invoice payment automation, for example, can make payments automatically, but will still scan for errors and allow users to make manual changes to the system as needed. In this way, you get the best of both worlds — the ability to automate your process while maintaining a high level of control.

P2P automation, or procure-to-pay, works with ERPs to streamline purchase requisitions. P2P plays a critical role in the standard AP workflow, and by automating this process you can eliminate manual tasks and save your AP team valuable time. NetSuite is one of the most popular platforms for P2P, helping companies purchase the goods and services they need at reasonable prices. If you use this platform, finding the best AP automation for NetSuite is crucial to improving your workflow.

AP automation software for small business

AP automation software for small businesses can drastically improve the efficiency of small companies, especially in relation to invoice processing. Accounts payable software allows organizations to manage their AP processes from a holistic angle, showing them where invoices are coming from, and what bills have been paid, and alerting them to any errors in the system. AP software that is specifically designed for small businesses is often simple to install and use and is a great option for those in search of an efficient, straightforward solution for managing AP-related tasks. 

Accounts payable software can be even more helpful when used alongside software for accounts receivable (AR). AP and AR automation software can transform your business operations, empowering you to take control of your workflows and streamline tasks so that you can get more done in a shorter amount of time. By learning to automate your AP and AR tasks you can turn your attention to more pressing business matters and increase efficiency across your organization. AP software may be less critical for small businesses that manage a limited number of invoices, but it can still enable them to get through their workflows quicker than they would be able to by hand.

AP automation workflow

In order to optimize your AP automation workflow for maximum efficiency, it’s important to understand the fundamental steps of the AP process, which are as follows:

  1. Invoice receipt and sorting
  2. Data extraction
  3. PO matching
  4. Verification of vendor details
  5. Invoice approval
  6. Invoice payment
  7. Auditing and reporting.

While most AP automation solutions cover this entire process, not all platforms are equally matched in terms of features and capabilities. For example, one solution might include more advanced software for invoice sorting; another might deal primarily with payments. Understanding each platform’s strengths and weaknesses is key to choosing the right solution for your accounts payable workflow

AP workflow software

Getting started with AP workflow software can be daunting, especially for those coming from traditional systems. However, by learning the ins and outs of automation platforms you can equip your AP team with the tools they need to make better use of their time. This can ultimately boost revenue by helping AP teams to get their bills paid on time and foster better relationships with vendors and business partners. Implementing AP workflow software can result in a huge ROI for your business when used effectively.

You should also become familiar with accounts payable automation best practices. These include optimizing the user experience and creating a structure or framework for getting items from one stage in the process to the next. You might also access an accounts payable end-to-end process PDF for more information on how to simplify your workflow for the best results. When transitioning between AP systems, it’s important to keep vendors in the loop. Be sure to notify them of any changes that will impact payment or communication. Getting everyone onboard with the new software is a great way to achieve wider business success and keep all parties happy, which is essential when it comes to AP.

Rossum’s AP software enables users to process thousands of invoices in a matter of minutes. Unlike traditional OCR solutions, Rossum uses advanced technology to capture data with greater accuracy. The software can be customized and deployed in one week, helping users to get up and running with minimal effort. Rather than having to sort through each invoice by hand, and scanning documents with the naked eye to check for errors, you can simply run them through the system and get them processed almost instantly. Rossum makes it easy for AP teams to process invoices and drive growth across the board. 

Automate invoice data extraction in minutes

Eliminate the hassle of manual processing or creating new templates for every single invoice layout that’s new to your AP workflow. Process thousands of invoices in minutes with the Rossum AI data capture technology.